How Fit is Your Skin? Paving the Way for Healthy Skin All Year Round

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In-office skin treatments were once reserved for elite clients such as models, celebrities and actresses. Knowing that these treatments didn’t require any downtime and delivered glowing results made them A-lister’s number one choice to prep their skin before big events or photoshoots – because proper skin prepping goes beyond an at-home scrub and wearing a 20-minute mask. If you really want to get the glow, sans makeup, then you’ll have to make an appointment with the people that are in the know – the aesthetic doctors and therapists.

Not only are aesthetic treatments great for getting your skin into tip-top shape in a short timeframe, but they’re also a fantastic way to prepare it for more intensified treatments that are the gold standard for enhancing a patient’s natural beauty. Non-invasive treatments such as superficial chemical peels, silk peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments are the 5 and 10k runs you do in preparation for the half marathon i.e. treatments such as mesotherapy, threading and TCA peels that work in the deeper layers of the skin.

Let’s look at the following non-invasive skin rejuvenating treatments to address specific skin concerns and get you glowing skin all year round:

Superficial Chemical Peels

These skin resurfacing peels penetrate the epidermal layers of the skin and work wonders on a wide variety of skin concerns. Targeted protocols can address anything from dullness, fine lines, pigmentation to even acne and rosacea. Chemical peels use a combination of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to gently but effectively exfoliate the superficial layers for a smoother skin while also improving healthy cell turnover, breaking up pigmentation, stimulating collagen and calming skin. To achieve the best results, we recommend booking a skin resurfacing peel every four to six weeks and continue treatment with a tailored homecare regimen recommended by our aesthetic therapists.


A tried, tested and approved treatment that will make you glow. Microdermabrasion is a physical exfoliating treatment that improves skin texture, radiance, and tone. It works best when used in conjunction with facial treatments that address skin concerns such as hydration, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. A rotating diamond head tip pen is gently moved over the skin to physically remove the outer layers of the skin in a controlled environment. After treatment, the skin is visibly smoother and softer. A series of treatments are recommended four to six weeks apart.

The SilkPeel® Demalinfusion

With the SilkPeel® procedure it is now possible to exfoliate and treat the skin at the same time. This procedure is similar to microdermabrasion but has the added benefit of a targeted serum being applied to the skin right after exfoliation. The SilkPeel® device is moved over the skin to remove the outer layers, a suction device ensures the skin is left clean from dead skin cells and a targeted serum is immediately applied to the skin for maximum absorption of anti-oxidants and minerals for improved results. The SilkPeel® is ideal for treating acne-prone skin, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of discoloration and to intensely hydrate the skin.

Laser Therapy

Is there anything laser therapy can’t do? From treating hyperpigmentation to minimizing the appearance of scars and rejuvenating skin – fractional non-ablative fractional laser therapy is a fantastic treatment option to improve and restore the appearance of skin. At Dr. P Aesthetic Lifestyle Centre, we use non-ablative fractional laser therapy that gets to work in the skin’s deeper layers without causing any real downtime, while still delivering amazing results. The light from the laser generates heat in a controlled manner which in turn promotes collagen and elastin synthesis for tighter and healthier looking skin. We propose a series of sessions for the treatment of scars, hyperpigmentation, and stretchmarks for optimum results.

Written by Dr. Portia Gumede.

Dr. Portia Gumede obtained her medical degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2002. Her interest in dermatology and aesthetics led her to complete her aesthetic training at the renowned American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She recently also attended the Oculo-Facial Aesthetic Academy in London to further her skills and training. In addition to starting her own aesthetic clinic, Dr. P, as she is fondly referred to, serves as a national trainer for Galderma, a global leader in dermal fillers.
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