How Do You Pierce?

We have come to love her on the E! Entertainment show, How do I look, and just when we thought she couldn’t surprise us anymore, she pulled a little something shiny out of her sleeve.  I caught up with none other than Roxy Burger, and I’m just going to be candid here and say, Roxy, How Do You Pierce?

Roxy: “Haha love that pun, well done!”

Q1 – How did you come up with this amazing concept of Linear Luxury Piercings?

Roxy: “Simply because I couldn’t find what I wanted locally and what I could find overseas was SO expensive. Piercing jewellery is very specific in terms of design and precious metals, there was nothing available here. So I approached my partner Craig from Black Key Diamonds and we started the design process.”

Q2 – Owning a brand like this, I’m guessing you aren’t scared of piercings? How many do you own?

Roxy: “I have 8 ear piercings! Curating an ear is such a fun experience and the options are endless!”

Q3 – What is your fave? And the must-have one for our readers that you recommend?

Roxy: “I think the Daith piercing is one of my faves – mainly because it’s the only piercing you can pierce with a hoop. So straight off the bat, you can pierce with our 8mm Front Facing Diamond Hoop which is one of my fave pieces.”

Q4 – How do we get our hands on some of these beauties?

Roxy: “You can shop online at “

Q5 – So completely off-topic.  I’ve been doing a little instastalking, and noticed a little bit of a belly growing.  Congratulations on the 2nd pregnancy.  How has that been in this mad time of COVID-19?

Roxy: “If I’m completely honest it’s been very tough. I am grateful for a healthy baby and pregnancy but it’s taken a lot to wrap my mind around the isolation I’ve been experiencing. As a true extrovert, I’m hating this lockdown! But I know it’s necessary.”

Q6 – It is Women’s month, and you are definitely one of our most successful personalities out there.  You’ve kept it real, especially now during this very weird time.  Any wise words for our readers?  To inspire, and to just let them know its ok, even when sometimes we feel like, you know, ugh!

Roxy: “That’s super kind to say, thank you. I think to be kind to yourself – especially at the moment. It’s ok to feel what you feel and it’s ok to sometimes not be ok.  Just lean on those who love you most!”
Thanks so much to Roxy for the quick catch up.  Keep an eye out for our September issue, for your linear luxe piercing discount code, just in time for summer.
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