In-Between Weather Wardrobe Essentials

We all know South African in-between weather, aka autumn and spring, can be all over the place. The mornings are cold but in the back of your head, you know that you will eventually regret wearing too many items of clothing, but you also don’t want to freeze until the day does decide to warm up a bit.

The trick lies in layering. And keeping an eye on the weather forecast (obviously).

I don’t know about you, but as long as my top half is covered, I should be fine in mild weather. My legs can withstand a little bit of cold and take one for the team (the team being the outfit and the gram).

Here are our top 7 essential items for those in-between days:

1. Cardigan

This is probably the easiest item and most essential for layering. It’s easy to put on and take off and it can work with just about any look. If you are not one for cardigans, you can try a light sweater and even a light polo neck sweater. I would not recommend wearing any other shirts underneath then. Rather layer on top of the sweater.

Archy Cardigan, Cotton On, R499

Ps. The Archy Cardigan is on SALE at the moment!


2. Oversized denim shirt

Denim is a little denser than other fabrics, so a slightly thicker, oversized denim shirt over a T, or even long-sleeved T-shirt should do the job while ensuring a cool, laidback look.

Long Denim Shirt, Zara, R 899

3. Skirt and boots that can be worn with bare legs

This look is a bit more on the tricky side. It’s important to find boots that won’t look strange without stockings or pants. In my opinion, boots that are not too tight-fitting are more flattering when going with bare legs, but it all depends on your legs. Light midi skirts go well with this look and are a cooler option for warm days.

Image from Pinterest

Split Suede Cowboy High Heel Boots, Zara, R 1,799

4. Stockings

Pair stockings with tailored shorts and chunky ankle boots, and voila. You have a perfect in-between weather outfit.

Image from Pinterest

Extra Sheer Pantihose, Woolworths, From R 89.95


5. Trench coat

A timeless trench coat is a fashion staple that every woman needs hanging in her closet. It’s one of those items that you have to see as an investment. Go for a neutral colour that will match the majority of your clothes to ensure you get value for your money, and look for one that’s well structured and will lend sophistication to your look.

Image from Pinterest

Double-breasted Buttoned Trench Coat, Zara, R 1,599

6. Satin scarf

A chic companion that will keep you just warm enough during those first few chilly hours, and when the time comes you can just tie it to your bag and it becomes a whole other accessory.

Images from Pinterest

Patterned Scarf, Mr Price, R50


7. Cropped jeans/pants

Left: Suit cropped trousers, Mango, R 699
Right: High Rise Grazer Skinny Denim Jean, Cotton On, R599.00

These items are staples for any closet seeing as they can be worn during any season and are adaptable to any weather situation with the right outfit. They are truly wardrobe investments. You can thank us later!

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Chrismarie Bester
Chrismarie Bester

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