Home Sweet Home More Often Than Usual…

Its finally the new year and all of us are now focused on emotional health and happiness. We spend more time in our beloved home than usual and realised how important our daily environment can be. Being in the house for such a long time during 2020 opened our eyes as to what the most important aspects of our home should be.

Being in the house for such a long time during 2020 opened our eyes as to what the most important aspects of our home should be.

We experienced a lot of time indoors and realised that some spaces might need attention.  What we need to do to make our living spaces more comfortable and well put-together.  It is also important to enhance the emotions of our space by using the right colours and materials.

Homes have become not only our living environment, it’s where we work, play and even exercise. There have been times in 2020 where we even spent our holidays staying put. Interior design has therefore become more responsible for creating multi-functional interiors and enhancing the effectiveness of small spaces. For example…

Home sweet home more often than usual...

Multi-functional spaces

Using the dining room table as a desk during the day and dinner time in the evening as an alternative to having a home office.  Establishing it’s surroundings to make it possible will help to pull this trend off. One’s office space should be spacious, airy and calm.

Home sweet home more often than usual...

Smaller apartments have been a challenge for many during the Lockdown period. Residents are desperately looking for alternative ideas for making their tiny spaces more practical yet stylish at the same time. Optimal storage and versatility are key when designing tight living and work environments.  Diversify the space as much as possible by using all levels of the room.

Home sweet home more often than usual...

Interactive Living

Life has changed tremendously with the Covid19 pandemic regulations. Our house has ultimately become the place where we spend most of our family time together as children are staying indoors and many parents are working from home too. Living rooms should be comfortable and spacious allowing the whole family to interact and be entertained at the same time. Large comfy couches and enough seating for the whole family is super important to make it possible for everyone to be together.  Plush carpets and rugs are practical for small kids to play while Mom and Dad watch their favourite Netflix series.

Home sweet home more often than usual...

Comfy Corners

Create “Comfy corners” throughout the house for children to unwind while you’re cleaning or working during the day. We have learned that keeping the kids inside most of the time has been challenging.  Therefore keeping them busy within different rooms throughout the house can be helpful.

Home sweet home more often than usual...

Home Office

Most of us were expected to stay secluded and work from home since early last year and many of us still do. It has allowed us to spend more time with family, although the work still needs to be done. Creating a workspace can be very efficient with separating your free time with office hours and should be done so accordingly. Homes that have enough rooms or extra space to make this possible should definitely be considered. Home offices should blend in with the rest of the interior and preferably match the design style already created. Home Sweet Home More Often Than Usual…

Natural lighting and optimal storage space are important when creating a work-space.

Keep in mind that even though it should not be mismatched with the interior design aesthetic, the furniture should still be practical for its purpose. Large desk space is always sensible and the chair should definitely be comfortable and back-friendly.

Home sweet home more often than usual...

Reclaimed, reused and recycled

Our world is desperately calling out for us to be more considerate of nature now more than ever!  There are thousands of alternative building materials and recycled product manufacture available now-days and should be at the top of our list. Reclaimed durable furniture is one of our top trends for 2021 and will become more and more popular to refurbish than to buy new. Organically coloured paint, fabrics and decor are most kind to the earth and should be preferred above all else.

Locally made

One of the most important things that we have learned during these difficult times is that we should support local businesses and help each other grow. By using locally supplied materials and furniture is not only extensively more sustainable but builds our community and helps our economy to prosper.


Unleash your inner hippy and make 2021 your most earth-friendly, healthy and happy year yet.

Create a home with comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing elements that make your Lockdown days more wonderful than ever!

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Home Sweet Home More Often Than Usual…

Home Sweet Home More Often Than Usual…

Carmen Hosten

Decor Editor

Carmen Hosten is a determined, innovative entrepreneur and designer focused on uniquely personalized interiors, architecture and furniture. With a BA degree in Interior Architectural Design Carmen developed a well trained eye for quality and spatial transformation that she combines with environmentally friendly and trend-setting designs.

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