Have You Ever Wanted to Adopt a Wild Animal? Now You Can!

Just because you adopt an animal doesn’t mean that they must live in your house.

Adopting a wild animal means that you contribute to the conservation of the animal. Your money goes to the food- and vet bills and rehabilitating some of the animals to be released into the wild.

When you adopt a wild animal, you usually get an adoption certificate and a photo of the animal and you receive updates on how your adopted animal is doing.

This is perfect for animal lovers and makes a great gift to adult and children alike. You can also contact your local zoo to hear about their adoption programs.

*hint to all my friends and family*

Adopt a Penguin

The wild African penguin is an endangered species and you can help the SANCCOB with their conservation.

For R600 you can adopt and name a penguin. This includes a certificate of validation for a year, a photo of your penguin, the penguin’s brief history and letter from your bird.

For R300 you can adopt an egg that will be hatched, and the penguin released into the wild. You will receive a certificate of adoption.

Did you know that African penguins are also called jackass penguins because they make donkey-like braying sounds to communicate?

Adopt an African Wild Dog

These gorgeous animals are a severely endangered species. By adopting a wild dog from Feracare, you help to contribute towards your animal’s vet and food bills as well as the maintenance of the enclosure.

When you adopt a wild dog, you will get an adoption certificate, a photograph of your animals, a monthly newsletter and depending on your membership (ranging from R600 to R4800 per year) you will receive a free cheetah run voucher, a free feeding voucher or an organised tour.

Did you know that the scientific name for the African Wild dog means “painted wolf” as no two wild dogs have the same markings, which makes them easily identifiable as individuals?

Adopt an Elephant

Taking care of an elephant is a lifelong commitment and required a dedicated and passionate team. By adopting an elephant, your contribution will help with the day-to-day care of your elephant.

Starting from R1200 a year, when you adopt one of Elephant Whisper’s gentle giants for a year, you receive a personalized adoption certificate and a photograph of your elephant and updates on your animal.

Did you know that the trunk is sensitive enough to pick up a blade of grass and strong enough to rip the branches off a tree?

Adopt a Sloth

Sloths might be some of the most adorable animals out there. Adopting a sloth makes a difference for the animals and for the environment.

When you adopt a sloth, you receive a photo of your sloth, an adoption certificate and a fact sheet about your sloth such as information about their favourite things.

Adopting a sloth from the World Animal Foundation starts at R500.

Did you know that even though Sloths are clumsy on land, they are great swimmers?

Adopt an Orangutan

Adopting an orangutan can make a real difference with helping the animal return to the wild.

When adopting an orangutan from the Orangutan Foundation for R650 means that you will receive an adoption certificate with your name on it, an orangutan fact sheet, a sticker and regular updates. To make the adoption more special, you also receive a soft-toy orangutan!

What animal would you like to adopt?

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Marissa Cooper Le Roux
Marissa Cooper Le Roux

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Marissa Cooper le Roux completed her BIS degree at the University of Pretoria and is currently busy with her Honours degree. She is very fond of animals but shares a special love for her Maltese poodle Jett.

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