Handbag Essentials In A COVID-aware Reality

Over the past year and a half, we’ve all had to adjust to the differing levels of lockdown, as well as new ways of going about old tasks – like shopping. Handbag Essentials In A COVID-aware Reality

Online shopping has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity (due to necessity), whilst some have perfected the art of dashing quickly in and out to avoid too much contact.

With the vaccination schedule in full swing and the third peak behind us, confidence is slowly returning to enjoy some retail therapy – at the actual stores. It’s time to dust off your long-forgotten handbag and prepare for safe outings in the new reality. The team at Playgirl share some essential items you need in your handbag:

Handbag Essentials In A COVID-aware Reality
Handbag Essentials In A COVID-aware Reality

Covid essentials

You can never be too safe, so make sure you’re well-stocked with a travel-sized sanitiser, a well-fitting mask and a spare just in case. You might also want to include some alcohol-infused sanitiser wipes for the car or table at your coffee shop.

Staying fresh

Now it might have been a while since you left the house, so make sure you have this little trio to help take you from feeling drab to feeling fab in a flash: your favourite Playgirl perfumed body spray, a travel-sized (folding) hairbrush and the ever-necessary mint or chewing gum.“Smelling good is intrinsically linked to feeling great – so selecting a fragrance that reflects your mood and outfit is an easy way to get into a good headspace for leaving the house”, says Zaweer Ebrahim, brand custodian, Playgirl deodorants.

Be prepared

There is nothing worse than being caught off guard and unprepared for little mishaps during the day, from having a little sniffle and no tissue, to losing a button and needing a quick fix! These key items will arm you against life’s mishaps: A travel pack of tissues; a hair tie; basic medication for a headache or indigestion; sanitary products; safety pins; a little snack and lip balm.

Fully charged 

Our cell phones have become so much more than just a communication device: it’s the office, the camera, the social media connector and the emergency essential. Make sure you stay connected and carry a charged power bank or charger cable. Don’t forget your earphones so you are able to listen to music, take a call or watch funny cat videos without anyone knowing.

You’re ready for your safe return to the mall!

Handbag Essentials In A COVID-aware Reality

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