Hair Trends: What’s New in the “Do”?

As women, when thinking about healthy hair growth we tend to focus on a few aspects: great treatments, styling aids and serum, serum, serum! However, there is an important factor that we tend to neglect completely. Kerastase has hit the nail on the head with this new product launch. hair trends

Introducing the new Fusio Scrub, aimed at targeting the area we neglect the most… Our scalp. The Fusio Dose Scrub by Kerastase combines the deep cleansing power of scrubs and the stimulating properties of essential oils.

The scrubs have two options:


A Sea salt-based for oily scalp environments.


A gel scrub for a more sensitive, dry scalp. Your stylist will pair it along with one of their ever so sexy essential oils. 

The result = The perfect detox your scalp needs for Summer ready hair. 

Summer Ready Copper Hair Colour Trend

With summer, bikinis, beach vibes, and Sex on the beach cocktails just within our reach, it’s time to introduce a fun colour trend that pairs perfectly with just that. 

It’s time to call the coppers! This trend brings out our fun, summer loving, bold and playful side. Is that not what every woman should embody daily? For the summer of 2019, we want to portray exactly that.

The colour brand that we’ve paired up with for this week is none other than Redken. They are known as the industry leaders when it comes to pushing boundaries, staying on trend and providing exactly what they promise… Pure colour pigment! Our favourite of the range would have to be the Shades EQ family. 

Some of the accolades behind its name being: 2016 & 2017 Behind the chair Stylist awards for Best gloss/toner. Promising zero ammonia and 100% more shine than before colouring, ladies, this product range gets us more excited than the perfectly paired gin and tonic on a hot summer’s day. hair trends

It promises to enhance, enrich, refresh and renew any faded tones. We have personally worked with the brand since 2005. 14 years later, it is still the perfect love affair… and it delivers every time.


Speaking of great new product launches, can we take the time to discuss the new GHD Curl Revolution?

In plain and simple terms, the GHD Oracle gives you styling variations in just one tool. We all know how it feels to spend a ridiculous sum of money on different tools to give us different looks. All we can say is, THANK YOU, GHD! Finally, a product that is diverse, multifunctional and easy to use.

The Oracle boasts breakthrough CURL-ZONE TECHNOLOGY which combines a unique shape, the styling power of heat and the setting effect of cooling. We can’t wait to play around and achieve those effortless waves, textured braids and summer sexy hair with this beaut! hair trends

Does the Carpet Need to Match the Drapes?

Well, that one is completely up to you, personally we prefer a somewhat smoother approach regarding this aspect. We have already touched base on hair trends and what’s new, let’s handle the more southern, daunting region.


Sugaring is a new concept that is fresh on the market. It is a natural waxing solution containing nothing more than sugar, lemon juice and water. As we are all concerned with what we are putting into; as well as onto our bodies; this is the more natural must-have approach. As well as removing unwanted hair, it removes dead skin cells, promising to leave you smooth and ready for the holidays.

To kickstart you on this latest trend use the code *Bloss* at Hairvolution for your Sugaring experience!

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Bianca & Mel
Bianca & Mel

Hair Editors

Bianca Thomson and Melandri du Plooy own Hairvolution, a Redken Loft Salon in Brooklyn, Pretoria. They bought over the salon in 2017 and cover all aspects of Hair, Nails and sugaring. They absolutely love everything about the industry and what it stands for and hope to be able to use our passion and love for the industry to educate all readers on every aspect relating to it.

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