ghd Oracle Styler: Curls and Waves For Days

I’m super excited to kick off my first blog and product review with the brand ghd, and the launch of their exciting new styler named Oracle!

BLOSS AFRICA Hair Editor, Lerato Moyo, and Beauty Editor, Alexis Tshangana, with BLOSS Hair Editor, Walter Wurth, and Beauty Editor, Francis Ferreira, and Lizinda Nolte from FollicleINC.

I worked for the brand for 8 years before I started Follicle INC, and had the opportunity to travel to their head office in the UK, where I was inspired by this global phenomenon that has taken hairstyling to the next level! 

Just a bit of history on the ghd brand:

Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, Susan Powls and Robert Powls founded ghd in 2001. The three collaborated to buy the rights to a hair straightening iron from a South Korean inventor. The brand quickly took off organically and the company did not even begin advertising until two years after its launch. By then, hair salons and word of mouth carried ghd to £12 million, against a forecast of between £3 million and £4 million. The brand exploded all over the globe from there and today it’s the ultimate hair styling tool and must-have tool for every girl worldwide. 

I don’t know how many of you know this but ghd actually stands for GOOD HAIR DAY, and I am sure all you ladies, and some gents, would agree to that!

The technology:

Before we get to the Oracle styler, I think it’s important to understand the technology behind the product that allows you to style with heat without fear. Your ghd styler constantly regulates the heat in its ceramic plates to keep it at 185’ degrees. This is the optimal temperature to manipulate your hair into a new style without damaging the hair. Combine this with the heat protector form their styling range and you are good to go. 

It is important to understand that more than 185 degrees will damage your hair, ladies. Especially if you don’t use some sort of thermal protector that will lock in your natural moisture and deflect the heat from your styler. Not only can it cause split ends, it can also make your hair colour fade faster or look dull. 

Now let’s get down to business and take a closer look at the new Oracle ghd styler. These guys went and did their home work. After interviewing thousands of women across the globe, asking them what hairstyles they prefer, 70% of them said curls and waves!  

The Oracle Styler is the first professional tool that creates endless curls in one simple stroke. Featuring breakthrough curl-zone technology which combines a unique shape, the styling power of heat, and the setting effects of cooling to create long-lasting curls on all hair types in just one stroke!

It is really as simple as that. Being a set stylist, NOT afraid of BIG and wavy hair, what excited me the most was how quickly it was to get look I wanted! Normally, with any curling tool, you have to wrap the hair around the styler’s cone and hold it there for a couple of seconds and then drop the hair. With the Oracle styler, it really gives you the look you want in just one stroke. It is going to cut down your styling time in half! 

With a simple change of the angle in the way you hold your Oracle, you can create a completely different look. From beach waves and deep waves to beach hair.

Go check out the “get the look” videos they have on the website.

To get a second opinion I invited FollicleINC Education Team Member, Lizinda Nolte, to the launch. Lizinda did hairstyling and training in the UK and this what she had to say about the product: 

“I love it! This will make hair days so much easier for those who battled with how to hold the styler to do curls. With your purchase, I look forward to one on one sessions on how to use it. An absolute must-have, without a doubt. It forms the curl and sets it in one simple stroke. No more waiting to cool down. Go for it!” ~ Lizinda Nolte. Follicle STYLE.

Salon exclusive:

I really like the approach the brand is taking on how they will be introducing the product to the market. It will only be available at professional salons after stylists have been trained on the product, and you will get a complimentary “how to use your Oracle styler” voucher. Let’s face it, these tools are an investment and it is always sad for me when clients buy these products and don’t use it to its fullest potential. So, I really like that your stylist will train you on how to use it properly! 

We are planning a hands-on workshop at Follicle INC and Bloss Media where you can come and try this product for yourself! Watch this space.

ghd, you get 10 thumbs ups from me with this exciting, forward-thinking product, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one! 

If you want me to review your product send me a mail, at

Until next time.



Walter Wurth
Walter Wurth

Hair Editor

Walter Wurth has worked in the beauty industry for 18 years. Before they started the FollicleINC brand, he had the opportunity to work for the UK based brand GHD that took the world by storm when it first launched in SA. Working with the brand on a global scale made him realise that there was a gap in the market for a haircare brand that made hairstyling COOL again. So the Follicle Brand was born. We wanted to launch a brand that offered clients a wide variaty of uniqe services that was affordable for everybody. A brand that dares to be different, forever pushing the envelope and alley adapting to it’s surroundings. A platform that supports individuality, creativity and generating work for like-minded individuals. Their brand has exploded over the last few years, Dominating all print, TV, film and even radio platforms. The brand has 3 full service hair salons (2 in PTA and 1 in JHB), its own photo studio, an on site hair and make up service with Follicle on the Move and they even do PR for clients. They say when you love what you do…you will never work a day in your life. Walter is working harder then ever… but having a total blast doing it!

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