Getting Reacquainted with Leading a ‘Balanced Lifestyle’

As we draw closer to the end of the first half of the year, you may be feeling overwhelmed or find it difficult to find balance in your day to day life. You are a full time working parent, or a part-time student, or working on a new business venture and are raising a young family. With trying to juggle a lot of conflicting professional and personal ‘balls’, you find that anxiety has become an unwelcome guest in your life. However, it is never too late to evaluate your life goals.

Here are a few ways to help you align yourself to a healthy balanced lifestyle and make a success of it.

Discover what a ‘balanced lifestyle’ looks like to you

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle looks different to many people and the first ‘win’ is acknowledging and accepting that what you deem as a balanced lifestyle does not have to look like your sisters’ or your colleagues’- And that is okay! Take time to re-assess your life goals and define what that looks to you.

So, where do I start?

Experts have indicated that aligning your values and setting out your life priorities assists a great deal in establishing the integral details of defining your idea of a balanced lifestyle. HelpGuide.Org emphasizes:

‘Be present in the activity you are busy with and give it a hundred percent. Don’t neglect your health, it not only improves you personally but helps keep everything around you positive.’

8 tips to assist alignment to a healthy lifestyle:

  • Get organized: Use a planner to schedule out the activities you need to accomplish. This will assist you to set a benchmark and be able to measure what you can and cannot do in a day. You will find that this tool helps you knock out tasks in a more manageable way, allowing you to see your achievements as they fall into place. Also, you will find you are capable as your abilities sharpen and show you that nothing is impossible.
  • Stay focused on the present: With so many things going on, it can be hard to focus on what you are doing right now. This often leads to anxiety. A tip I find works is to practice grounding, which helps you focus on the here and now. Personally, I allow myself 5 to 10 minutes meditation, visualizing my goals and the path I need to take. This exercise gives me the push I need to execute with purpose.
  • Practice Self Care: Self-care can seem like luxury when you are busy. Practice performing little small acts of care on yourself, this may help re-energize you. These could be moments of silence, or a hot bath to rejuvenate the senses. Do whatever works for you.
  • Find support and delegate: Know who you can speak to if you need to talk. Find someone who can help with picking up your child when you are stuck in a meeting. A support network, which includes your partner, friends and family, or even hired assistance, goes a long way in creating balance.
  • Learn to say ‘NO’: Being able to meet current responsibilities is important. You can always come back to something new after the responsibility is over. Only you know your limits, so don’t be afraid to assert your boundaries.
  • Use positive affirmations: Positive affirmation and Positive self-talk does wonders for your mental health. It focuses on the positive aspects of you and not what you aren’t. Define your personal mantra and chant away the negativity.
    i.e. I am enough. I am capable. I am successful.
  • Set your own standards: What do YOU want to achieve out of your life? Create your own pathway. This will help you remain steadfast to your vision, and to resist the temptation to deviate or be distracted by what others are doing.
  • Understand your signs of stress: My signs of stress are persistent headaches, running tummy and neck pains. Take some time and figure out your signs of stress and work to alleviate them. Go back to the third tip above and indulge in self-care. You’ll thank yourself later!

Key benefits of maintaining a balanced lifestyle:

  • Improves mental state of mind –  research shows that eating well, and exercising can help fight against depression.
  • Reduces Stress and builds resilience to cope with life’s pressures.
  • Improves general health and wellbeing, making you fit and agile to cope with your life’s demands

Improves your mood – it is not just exercise that can lead to improvement of your mood. Healthy habits and social connections are also important in keeping the mind active and the soul enriched.

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Mpho Ntontela
Mpho Ntontela

Health Editor

Mpho Ntontela is a mom, wife and career woman. As a senior project manager at one of the leading financial institutions, a model, motivational speaker and an aspiring businesswoman. She has grown an interest in fitness and health and strongly believes it starts with taking care of oneself before inspiring and influencing others. Her hobbies include spending quality outdoor time with her family, exercising and being in front of the camera.

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