Future Health Tech You Need to Know About Now

The future of Health is closer than ever and these top wearable health tech gadgets will change the way we live our everyday lives. These concepts and products, that were showcased at this year’s CES 2019 (Consumer Technology Association) expo, are our top mentions for this week.

1. Music: Not Impossible

Let’s start off with a product that is designed to better the lives of people with hearing disabilities. Music: Not Impossible is designed to help the deaf experience music through the use of two wristbands, a harness, and two ankle bands. Real-time impulses and vibrations are sent through the device that is triggered by the music that is being played.

The user can then experience the music, rather than hearing it. The creators’ dream for this product is to have it available to rent at music venues to use during shows so that people with hearing disabilities can experience the music as any other person would.

2. DreamOn

Trouble sleeping? This gadget uses low-frequency pulses that help lull your brain to sleep. DreamOn replicates the brain’s natural low-frequency waves that occur during sleep, which tricks your brain into mimicking the same pulses that will help you fall asleep. The creators of the DreamOn claims that it also works well for reducing anxiety and increasing mindfulness, and can be used as a meditation aid.

3. Monit Smart Diaper

Now, this may seem a bit excessive, I mean, you would know when your baby would need a diaper change, right? This little device could just be a mom’s best friend. The Monit Smart Diaper is a device that is attached to your baby’s diaper that helps monitor when you need to change the diaper and can even notify you via a smartphone app if it’s a number one or two. No need to use the old sniffer! It can also help prevent urinary tract infection and reduces the risk of diaper rash. The future is here, moms!

4. Quell 2.0

The future is looking bright for pain relief. Anybody suffering from chronic pain knows the struggles of getting through a normal day. The Quell 2.0 is the new and improved design that fits around your leg, which sends neural pulses to the brain, which then trigger a pain relief response in the central nervous system. No matter where in the body the pain is located it will use your own nervous system to help alleviate the pain. The new updated version has custom therapy including a Therapy Coach feature, that helps you track your progress.

5. DFree

It’s the first of its kind on the market and it’s about to change some lives. DFree is a wearable monitor for your bladder. It uses non-invasive ultrasound (that you attach to your lower abdomen using medical tape or simply clip to your pants) that detects changes in your bladder size as it fills up. This device can be used in patients that struggle with incontinence and are disabled, to prevent accidents and also help prevent bladder infections. Notifications are sent to a smartphone app that lets the patients’ caregivers know when it’s time to go to the bathroom.

There is so much to look forward to in the health side of the tech industry. With each new invention, lives are being improved. What new health tech innovations would you like to improve your health-life?

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Anriette van Wyk

Tech Editor

Anriette is an alumni of The Open Window Institute where she studied Visual Communication. Currently she is the Boss Lady at Kief Kreativ with more than 10 years experience in the creative industry where she works as a professional photographer on big productions and concerts with both local and international artists. She has a wide portfolio, ranging from weddings, fashion, studio and editorial photography under her belt. Anriette is a photographer, designer, illustrator, model, car fanatic, dinosaur lover and Indiana Jones wannabe.

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