Foods For Heathy Hair

If we want to promote healthy hair we need to do more than use normal shampoo and conditioner. Your diet is also something that influences your hair health. To have healthy hair we need to eat nutritious foods that will support our hair health. In this blog, I am going to provide you with foods for healthy hair.

Foods For Healthy Hair

Each hair on our body is made up of a nutrient called kreatin. The raw material that we need for strong and healthy hair usually comes from protein. Without a certain amount of protein, our hair will not be as glamourous as we want it to be. Here are some foods for healthy-looking hair with high levels of protein and kreatin:

Foods For Healthy Hair


Broccoli is very rich in folate. When the folate is low in our body, it can make your hair very weak and brittle. You can eat more green vegetables like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and spinach.

Citrus Foods

All the fruits like oranges have very high levels of vitamin C as we all know. Citrus fruits help to maintain and protect the college levels in our body that are responsible for hair, nails, and joints. For example, if you drink your daily water just add a slice of lemon into your water bottle. Not only is refreshing but it will also help with your hair health.


Pumpkin is very high in zinc. Zinc is very good for your immune system and it also helps with hair loss. Pumpkin seeds are the main source of nutrition. So next time you make a smoothie bowl, make sure to add some pumpkin seeds.

Healthy Fats

Foods that contain healthy fats are mostly found in food such as nuts, fish, and avocado. Healthy fats are essential for your hair health. This will make your hair shiny and promote hair strength. Healthy fats are very high in Vitamin E which will also nourish your hair and sculpt.

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