Find a Little Piece of Paradise at Zinkwazibush

It will please some of you to know that I nearly titled this article “Nude in the Bushveld”, but this is strangely how close I felt to nature spending time at Zinkwazibush. Located in the heart of Marloth Park, following the Kruger Parks idyllic Crocodile river, you will find Zinkwazibush, a little piece of paradise for all of us to enjoy. Owned by the very generous Rita and Flippie Coetzee, who so dearly opened up their holiday home to me and my family.

On arrival, we were welcomed with an endearing flight of stairs leading up to a beautiful deck arranged with “Mobelli” furniture, white curtains and a 180-degree view of pure wilderness. We spent our first night here at the Treehouse, with only the pendants alight, drinking wine and listening to the lions’ roar. Being treetop height we felt safe and decided to stay put and enjoy the startling sounds of nature…

I woke up with the divine smell of thatch, covered in pure cotton linen, with my head rested on down feather pillows, peeking outside to what I will call “the perfect bushveld sunrise”. The Treehouse was finely decorated with handcrafted wooden ornaments, a glamorous white leather headboard, glossy white Melawood drawers and ambient lighting.

It was nearly impossible to get out of bed, but once I did…it was totally worth it! Enjoying a luxurious outdoor-shower with my baby boy and hubby, with the sun peeking through the bathroom wall panels was a definite first and very memorable moment for me.

We spent the day on a game drive and had lunch at our favourite Pamula Lodge restaurant followed by a 4×4 cruise next to the Crocodile River.

As we arrived back at Zinkwazibush, now having the privilege to move into the main house, I was pleasantly surprised with a handcrafted protea as a welcome gift and a note greeting us to their home. With three luxurious en-suite bedrooms, a reading corner and a large Ceaserstone kitchen island I felt right at home.

The outdoor patio overlooks nothing but Sekelbos trees, a green lawn and veld where we were soon visited by a group of Kudu cows and calves. We spent nearly three hours soaking in the built-in jacuzzi while enjoying the company of many different bird species and even an odd lonely Wildebeest. We both found each other quite intriguing.

The sun soon started to set and what could be better than a Nespresso coffee and buttermilk rusks. That was quite a spoil thank you, Rita!

Overall, the house felt inviting, clean and organised, laid out with leather furniture, luxurious finishes and fabrics, crisp white tableware and even large soft towels in every bedroom. Our open-plan en-suite bathroom was designed with a large stone freestanding tub, and I couldn’t resist but to run myself a bubble bath. Still wrapped in a towel, I heard the excitement from downstairs and rushed down to see what it’s all about.

There they were, all three kids standing in a row, inviting a large family of Zebras for breakfast, with some animal feed the Coetzees generously left for us under the staircase. Not having the time to get dressed, I was now having an experience of a lifetime.

There is nothing as “close to nature” as being half-naked in the bushveld, hand feeding wild Zebras and enjoying the giggling of my children during this unusual experience.

I left Zinkwazi with a rested soul and recharged spirit as this place could not be more blended with its natural and calming surroundings. They have created a nested environment for any of you to enjoy and experience the true essence of the South African wilderness.

“I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy” Ernest Hemmingway.

Be sure to visit their website today, to book a life-changing experience that you will never forget!

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Carmen Hosten

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