Female CEO’s The New Future

Times are changing and even though women are still, sometimes unknowingly, each other’s biggest rivals, there is a definite shift, and we are more and more seeing women supporting other women.

Women that raise a glass and cheers the loudest for another woman’s achievements. It’s like a switch has gone off and we realize that other women’s success in men-dominated fields is paving the way for the rest of us. Reaching your biggest dreams seems a little closer with every success story. – Female CEO’s The New Future

Here are some inspiring women in the ever-growing fast-paced South African tech space.

Videsha Proothveerajh

Videsha Proothveerajh, CEO and Chairperson of the Board LexisNexis South Africa

Videsha was appointed as the first woman CEO to lead LexisNexis South Africa in 2019. And since then, she has continued her mission to level the playing field for women who currently represent only around 10% of South Africa’s CEOs.

Under Videsha’s leadership, LexisNexis South Africa has achieved 67% female representation on its board, 56% female representation in senior management. And 43% in top management.

Female CEO’s The New Future

Baratang Miya, CEO of GirlHype

Baratang Miya is the founder and CEO of GirlHype – Women Who Code. GirlHype is a not-for-profit that provides programming and app development training for girls and young women.

Baratang herself is a self-taught coder, who has been sharing her skills and experiences with women and girls through her leadership at GirlHype. Her passion has afforded many women and girls the opportunity to learn to code and create solutions. She understands that this is about building women’s self-efficacy and confidence to work in tech or beyond. – Female CEO’s The New Future

Female CEO’s The New Future

Barbara Mallinson, CEO of Obami

Barbara Mallinson is the founder and chief executive of Obami. Obami is a social learning platform being used by hundreds of schools across Africa, Europe, and the United States. Barbara saw a gap in the SA market, where schools were creating real-life networks, but they weren’t making use of online tools to take it further.

Obami was identified as one of the Top 20 Start-ups in Africa by Forbes in 2012. And Barbara was featured on the Forbes 10 Female Tech Founders to Watch in Africa list.

Female CEO’s The New Future

Karen Nadasen, CEO of PayU South Africa

Karen Nadasen, the CEO of PayU South Africa. She has extensive experience working in both Europe and Africa for the likes of Microsoft and BP. Nadasen joined PayU in June 2012 as a Product Manager; she advanced to Head of Product and Delivery Manager for MEA, before being appointed as CEO in June 2016. Karen is passionate about direct, on-the-ground leadership and execution.

Female CEO’s The New Future

Dineo Lioma, Co-founder of Incitech, CapeBio Technologies, and Deep Medical Therapeutics

Dineo has already co-founded three innovative companies in the biotechnology sphere. Her company Deep Medical Therapeutics, in cooperation with IBM is working on artificial intelligence (AI) systems for helping doctors determine the best therapies for drug-resistant diseases, like TB. And Incitech is developing a device for faster diagnosis of HIV. No wonder Dineo has been chosen as one of Forbes Africa’s Top 20 Wealth Creators.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report for 2020, for workers with disruptive technical skills, women represent only 14% of professionals in cloud computing and engineering. 28% in data and AI, and 36% in product development. – Female CEO’s The New Future

But do not fear women are taking a stand and are fast becoming the movers and shakers to look out for.

“More companies need to ensure women are in the leadership pipeline that feeds the CEO role.” – Andrew Challenger, Challenger, Gray & Christmas vice president

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Kim Grobbelaar is a qualified sound engineer who always finds herself around audio and technology. She works as a Product Manager at First Distribution. Kim gets excited about all things tech and is crazy about useful and sometimes not-so-useful "gadgets". She has a strong passion for empowering women for change in our country and runs her own online store. Kim is not a person that can sit still for long, in her spare time she is busy studying financial accounting.

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