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  Photo: Instagram @trendy_toast   How to be fashionably in LOVE with your style : It all starts with self love … right ?! And a FABULOUS wardrobe of course. And loads…


What Will Walk off Runways and Waltz into our Closets written by Kumari Govender No one ever gets predictions right. Because no one has a crystal ball. But they’re intriguing nevertheless. And…

Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson

Fashion and Model Editor

Lisa Robertson is the owner of ACE Models Pretoria East as well as a scout for ICE Model Management. She absolutely lives her passion by inspiring, motivating and helping young girls and women by providing a healthy platform where they can grow their identity, good values and self-confidence. Lisa is passionately driven, dynamic and lives every day to the fullest. She has years of experience in the modeling industry & shares a love for fashion and all things glamour.

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