Exposed In Its Natural Beauty

Exposed In Its Natural Beauty

Exposed In Its Natural Beauty

Brick walls give an industrial charm to any space and create a rustic look. It is known as an honest material, that was often used in the 19 hundreds due to the cost-effective method of not plastering the surface of interior walls.

Exposed brick walls are very versatile and can be used in any space to add a little extra drama and character.

Nowadays face-brick walls are used as a focal point purposely left unplastered. Some people even do the efforts of removing the surface of an already plastered wall to get the contemporary look.

It is often used on only one wall due to its rough texture to create drama and attention to one specific space in a room.

Take a look at our latest collection of interior design projects experimenting with the beauty of exposed brick and its wide variety of personalities it creates…

1.a Smooth-washed finish looks beautiful with Concrete screed floors, monochromatic art, and greenery.

Exposed In Its Natural Beauty

2. Clay bricks add warm tones and are perfect for a fireplace wall. It locks the heat and looks amazing combined with industrial styled, cast iron fireplace. Match it up with other black steam punk-styled furniture, lighting, and other elements.

Exposed In Its Natural Beauty

3. Modern-day Fire bricks are just as beautiful if not more so, than tiles or mosaic. And therefore accomplished the feature as a backsplash wall for this basin counter area.  It gives the space a lot more texture and depth.

Exposed In Its Natural Beauty

4. Go all-out rustic and only remove some of the plaster. This method definitely speaks volumes of personality.

5. Flush jointed bricks give a faded effect and work great combined with other natural/ honest materials such as copper piping, wood, concrete, and steel.

Exposed In Its Natural Beauty

6. This comfy contemporary bedroom uses a single wall to draw attention to the bed and stands out beautifully with other white walls and decor. Brickworks best with natural colours such as white and grey.

7. Bring your outdoor walls in making use of steel-framed glass walls. This will make your indoor space feel airy, open and seamless to the outside world.

Honest materials are becoming more popular by the day and are used in many different design styles. After all. Why cover things up? Remove the mask and reveal the truth of life’s natural beauties.


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Carmen Hosten

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Carmen Hosten is a determined, innovative entrepreneur and designer focused on uniquely personalized interiors, architecture and furniture. With a BA degree in Interior Architectural Design Carmen developed a well trained eye for quality and spatial transformation that she combines with environmentally friendly and trend-setting designs.

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