Everything You Need To Know About Dark Tourism

Dark Tourism – Tourism that involves travelling to places associated with death and tragedy. Yes, I know it sounds scary, but you’re totally going to become obsessed with the dark side after you’ve read this.

There are numerous morbid sites around the world with thousands of travelers flocking towards them every year. Most popular being Ground Zero in New York, Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland and the town of Pripyat in Russia.


The darker side of tourism isn’t really new, tourists have been fascinated with places where tragedy struck for many years. It’s only in recent years that we have come to give this type of travel a name. When going on a trip we don’t always put memorial sites, prisons and other places of suffering on our lists. We usually opt for natural wonders, the top sites and the best places to see what the locals live like. Sometimes as tourists we may paint a certain picture of what a place is only to find out that it’s not always as beautiful and pure as it seems.

Some cities are filled with adventure and beauty with some history adding to the wonder that it is today, but other places are filled with dark history and an eerie mystery that may be just as fun to visit! These places push you out of your comfort zones and open our eyes as to what life is for many people in the world.

Here are some international dark tourism spots to look into

  1. Chernobyl, Ukraine
  2. Auschwitz Concentration Camps, Poland
  3. National 9/11 Memorial & Museum, USA
  4. Hiroshima Memorial Museum, Japan.
  5. The killing fields of Choeung EK, Cambodia
  6. Alcatraz, USA
  7. Costa Concordia Shipwreck, Italy
  8. Pompeii, Italy
  9. London Dungeon, England
  10. Aokigahara Suicide Forest, Japan

The best local spots

  1. Castle Of Good Hope, Western Cape
  2. District Six, Western Cape
  3. Mandela’s Capture Site, KZN
  4. Talana Museum, KZN
  5. Union Buildings, Gauteng
  6. Alexandra Township, Gauteng
  7. Orania, Northen Cape
  8. Robben Island, Western Cape

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Monique Webster
Monique Webster

BLOSS Youth Travel Editor

Monique Webster was born in the midst of a never-ending love affair with travel. Her core passion lies in exploring and spending time with her loved ones. She spends half her time making jokes and being with family and friends and the other half globe-trotting and seeking adventure. She currently lives in Pretoria and during the week she manages a local jewellery shop and spends her time trying to decide whether she should study or travel. She hopes to combine the two in the following year.

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