Everything You Need To Know About Coloured Mascara

Coloured mascara is becoming a new trend and we think it looks amazing! It has been seen frequently on the catwalk, as well as on celebrities such as Cara Delevingne, Janelle Monae and Rihanna, only to name a few.  

The bright colours of mascara have definitely brought back a blast from the past, but also looks more modern and chic then you’d think! It sounds like a risky look, but it is simple and easy for anyone to wear. 


Matching Mascara and Eyeliner

Try to match your mascara with a matching coloured eyeliner. It creates a bolder look that stands out and defines the eyes. It is a huge attention grabber and will be worth it. Pair it with a nude lip colour to complete the look. This is a simple minimalistic look that can be done easily. 


Ombre Lashes  

Ombre is quite popular with hairstyles and lips, why not with eyelashes as well? Apply a different colour on the top eyelash and bottom eyelash. This creates an ombre look on the eyes. No need to spend extra time applying eyeshadow, highlighter or eyeliner, this is a quick time saver and gives the eyes a complete look. Top it off with some highlighter and matte lipstick. 


Colour Pop Eyes  

There are no limits with coloured mascara, you can go all out! When using a warm colour eyeshadow, match it with a cold colour of mascara and vice versa. Add some blush and a shimmery lipstick. This will bring some colour to the face and make your outfit stand out. 


Coloured mascara can be found at Dischem. Curling Mascara, Michelle Ori, R130 in purple, navy blue, royal blue and green. 

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Elizma de Beer

BLOSS Youth Beauty Editor

Elizma de Beer is currently studying Cosmetology at Potchefstroom academy. Her hobbies and interests range from image consulting, fashion as well as graphic design. She believes that image consulting makeovers with the correct make-up, hairstyles and introduction to the latest fashion trends can make anyone look amazing and also help them feel confident about themselves. Next year she wants to study journalism and pursue her dreams to work in the beauty/fashion industry. She also wants to inspire and collaborate with people who share the same passion as her.

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