Entrepreneurial Spirit – Do You Have What It Takes

entrepreneurial spirit
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It takes a special kind of person to flourish in an entrepreneurial environment. Do you know what that is? It’s someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. There are tons of ups and downs. When you’re traveling the road to success, you will encounter many obstacles and challenges along the way.

9 Characteristics Of The Entrepreneurial Spirit

1. You Question The Norm And Find New Solutions

Most people are obsessed with their own image and the opinions of others. They like to be right and to be famous. Entrepreneurs are different. We often think about problems from a new angle, because we need new solutions to existing problems. That’s what entrepreneurship is: thinking outside the box, breaking norms, and coming up with stuff that will change the world.

2. Your Reason Is A Better Future

Entrepreneurs have the ability to think big. Behind every successful business is an entrepreneur who dreamed of creating that company from the beginning and sacrificed everything to make it happen. They built a company because they believed in a better future, and they are willing to fight for it. That mindset is the difference between an idea that will gain traction and one that falls flat.

3. You See Learning As A Means To An End

Entrepreneurs are the ones who push boundaries and break new ground. Pioneering a new industry, building a company from the ground up, is certainly an achievement in itself. Yet the truly inspiring entrepreneurs are the ones who see learning as a means to an end. They learn from their mistakes and apply what they learn in order to improve their business, their lives, or both.

4. You Have A Strong Desire For Personal Growth

To achieve success as an entrepreneur, one needs to have a strong desire to grow personally. When it comes to desired growth, however, there is a lot of gray areas. Many entrepreneurs have achieved success at work by being a workhorse and getting stuck in a rut. They have set goals for themselves but have not identified the actions they must take in order to reach those goals. Instead, they have focused on developing their business without putting in the effort needed to identify and pursue opportunities that will propel them forward.

5. You Don’t Fear Failure

Entrepreneurs have an undeniable gift for business. It lies in their DNA and it can be learned and practiced. They don’t fear failure. Fear paralyzes most people into taking safe courses and choosing safe paths instead of taking risks that could pay off big. Entrepreneurship is not a walk in the desert. It’s not a ride in the sky. It’s about taking calculated risks, getting excited about what you’re creating, developing a powerful network of contacts and allies, staying focused and motivated through intense hardship, and overcoming incredible obstacles in the process.

6. You’re a Doer

You like getting things done. You’re a problem solver, first responder, and typically very good at identifying opportunities (what can I do that will generate more sales?) or impediments (how can I best dirty my hands to make this information available and useful?). When something needs to get done, you’re likely to find that in yourself a little of each of these characteristics are at play. And it may be a little easier for you to figure out how to do certain things than others.

7. You Enjoy Taking On Challenges

Your entrepreneurial spirit knows no boundaries. You love taking on challenges and pursuing goals that seem impossible. When things are going well, it can be easy to overlook the hard work and determination that goes into getting things done. You sometimes assume others are just as passionate or driven as you are, but the truth is most aren’t. It’s only when you put yourself in challenging situations that you discover how much others care about what they do.

8. You’re Driven To Succeed

You’re motivated by a desire to feel success, approval, or reward for your efforts. It’s not about money or status. You’re not looking for prestige; you’re looking for enjoyment. When you identify this spirit within yourself, it will guide your actions and push you toward obstacles that would otherwise seem insurmountable.

9. You Love Collaboration

Collaboration enables you to see opportunities others miss. In collaboration, you can discover new things, offer your expertise where it is needed most, and solve problems that no one else can. As your business matures, some of your biggest challenges will come from working with talented specialists who have a different background or skill set. This is why you need to develop relationships with people who can help you if needed but don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. When teamwork is achieved, the end result is greater productivity and success for all.

Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Spirit?

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