Entrepreneur and Business Owner Jenna Rutherford

Jenna Rutherford, the owner from Pure Within, had a chat with our Real-Life editor Trudi Stander and answer a few questions about her journey and the success of her business.

Love The Body You’re In

Entrepreneur and Business Owner Jenna Rutherford
Jenna’s beautiful dress is from Mick Owen

Pure Within is a global direct selling business in natural nutrition and health supplements, to be known for their contribution to raising the quality of life of those who enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, based on smart nutrition.

Entrepreneur and Business Owner Jenna Rutherford

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If you ask people, “What would you change in your life if you could?” Most of them will usually reply with some variation of these three responses,

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Q&A- Entrepreneur and Business Owners – Jenna Rutherford

When did you start your business?

August 2019

Did you ever imagine it would become this massive brand?


Tell us about the process?

It started with the results I saw in myself and then me wanting to help as many of my friends and family with their health too, my boyfriend saw the bigger business opportunity behind it all and here we are today!

Entrepreneur and Business Owner Jenna Rutherford

Were you panicking? Were you excited? What was the energy behind it?

Nervous but very excited for what was to come and all of the amazingly wonderful people I would meet along the way.

What would you share with your younger self about making decisions?

Don’t doubt yourself. Take that leap!

What did you have to learn along the way?

To be patient and grateful for every small success.

What advice do you have for all the young woman entrepreneurs out there who are dreaming big?

Write it down and think about it every day, work on it every minute until your dreams become reality.

Entrepreneur and Business Owner Jenna Rutherford

When it came to balancing entrepreneurship and personal life and or motherhood, was it challenging?

It can be at times, but I have been blessed enough to have been surrounded with incredible caring souls along the way who have kept me motivated and centred through the entire journey.

Do you think it’s possible to have it all?

Definitely! Anything your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve _ Napolean Hill

Talk to us about your day-to-day. What’s non-negotiable for you to stay balanced?

Constant chats with my mom. Green Tea, journaling and meditation.

Are there any decisions that you made in the process of growing (your business) that you would make differently now?

Yes but only because you learn as you grow 😊

Entrepreneur and Business Owner Jenna Rutherford

What else are you up to these days and what should our readers look out for?

We are launching new products soon to help everyone with their stress during this trying time and who knows where Pure Within could grow to… it’s all about helping those around me to better themselves in every way possible <3

To find out more about Pure WithIn or to become a Purist click here Website l  Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Trudi Stander
Trudi Stander

Business Development Manager & Real Life Editor

Trudi Stander, our Business Development Manager and head of our BLOSS Brand ambassador program is a strong woman who faces life with no fear, fights for what she wants, and don’t care what people say about her. She is a businesswoman and entrepreneur with more than 10 years’ experience in the media industry. She believes that every moment we are alive is precious. Treat it as such and don’t waste a single second. Be brave, and don't be afraid to assert your power in the pursuit of your dreams. Set your goals, and accomplish them, but be kind to yourself. Make things happen without permission.

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