Embracing their “African Soul”

Songstress, Zanzi and drummer Vic, is embracing her ‘African soul’ with her brand-new single from her fifth studio album, Embracing Africa.


African Soul, an African folk-pop song written by Neil Somers, Onike, Edward Hill and Zanzi, tells the story of how everyone with African roots has an ‘African Soul’. “You just have to look around and embrace all the things unique to our country,” says Zanzi.

Zanzi, whose album consists of feel-good music, says that her audience will find something they can relate to in the new single. “This is a feel-good song and the chorus is easy to sing along

  1. I think because of the positive message the public will find something in the song that will relate to them.”


Zanzi Africa consist out of Zanzi and Vic. Thamsanqa Vic Zikala known as Vic Africa is the Djembe drummer in the band. He was born on the 22nd of February 1996 in a town called Kwanongoma in Kwazulu-Natal. In October 2009 he joined the church choir and started off as a vocalist, his passion for music grew and he taught himself how to play drums and started playing for the church in June 2010. He worked with number of artists like Benjamin Dube, Ayanda Shange, Mahalia Buchanan, Lebo Kgapola and that’s just to name a few in the Gospel music scene.


“We want our music to represent what we stand for, which is for people to get along and embrace each other’s differences and cultures. So, if our music can just change a few people’s mindsets and create unity we will feel absolutely blessed. Music is the universal language that everyone speaks.” – Vic Africa


Zanzi was born on 4 April 1989 in Cape Town and started competing in singing competitions at the age of 13. She received the Student of the year award at her local music school and got chosen to represent South Africa in the World Championships of Perform Arts twice. She competed against 52 countries in Los Angeles where she received Gold, Silver and the Industry Award for exceptional stage performance.


This year marks 12 years for Zanzi in the music industry. “I’ve been inlove with music my whole life. But I never sang to become famous, I just wanted to change people’s lives through music.” Zanzi’s music videos can been seen on various TV channels and she also made appearances on Morning Live, JAM, Jukebox, Hectic-Nine 9. Ontbytsake, SABC 3, kykNET, and got featured in magazines like TV Plus, Finesse, Get it Pretoria and Fame.


People and real live stories inspire Zanzi and she would love to collaborate with legends like Mafikizolo, Zahara, Lira, Micasa, PJ Powers and Clair Johnson. “I love Claire Johnson from Mango Groove and Lira. I think they are very dynamic and love what they stand for,” said Zanzi.


Vic Africa, the drummer says he is inspired by every artist and believes that even though they have different voices, they all speak the same language. A universal language which has no barriers.


Zanzi said that she wouldn’t want her life to be different from what it is currently and adds: “I don’t think if I could have my life over I would change anything, I would have maybe just started sooner. I have a great love for photography and make-up, so I do that as well.”

Vic also adds to say, ‘’I wouldn’t choose another career because for me that would be like betraying my purpose and throwing away my gift. I believe that through music (arts and entertainment) I can do so much more than I would in any other career.’’


When Zanzi is not on stage performing, one could find this lady with a drill in the hand, while Vic Africa is a session drummer and an MC. And what the music industry taught her? “Trust no one! And never share your secrets. The music industry is one of the toughest industries to be in and if you believe what people say about you it can crush you. Be strong and never forget your morals.”


Except for marketing the new single, Zanzi is also busy with her new single called Ama Yellow Bone. Supporters can also get ready for Embracing Africa Vol.2. “Hopefully some new African languages like isiSwati as well as a few instrumental numbers from Vic Africa can be used on the new album.”                    

Zander de Beer
Zander de Beer

Entertainment Editor

Zander de Beer is a dynamic young actor, singer and content creator who has been prominent in the entertainment industry since 2010. He is known for his roles and appearances on platforms like MNET, SABC, Vuzu, Mzanzi and KykNet. Zander is an active YouTube vlogger and his involvement in music videos and short films are broadening his environment and achievements to an intentional accreditation level.

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