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Buying a gift for someone special is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. That excitement whether they will like it or not. Whether they guessed correctly or in some…


Dis amper alweer Maart en tyd dat ons vir vyf minute stilstaan, asemhaal en die…


Het jy al ooit iemand in jou lewe gehad wat vir jou gesê het: jy…

Magdie Raats

Magdie Raats

Founder & Owner

With a honors degree in Audio-Visual Communication and 10 years’ experience in the media industry, Magdie Raats started her own female glossy in 2013. Four years later, she re-invented the wheel with a never-been-done business structure in the media and integrates print with technology through innovative and exiting ways. BLOSS – is not only a magazine, but an international media platform. With a passion for young women, beauty and the media, she also owns her own make-up brand, STATUS COSMETICS and started BUILDINGWOMEN, a foundation to empower and uplift women in the building industry.

BLOSS is an international media platform for South African women who live all over the world in the age group, 20 – 35 years. We integrate print and technology through innovative and exciting ways to keep things fresh, modern and interactive.