It’s a universal fact that students never have any money, but that does not mean that your dorm room needs to be drab.

Here are a few tips on how to have an amazing dorm room while being budget-conscious.

Space Savers

It’s always a great idea to pick furniture with hidden storage or a dual purpose, thereby maximizing storage and working space. Another idea to maximize space and savings is to use under-the-bed bins. These can easily store extra clothes, school supplies, and even non-perishable food!

Shop around

Did you know you can shop for discontinued bar fridges and appliances? Buying last year’s model can save you up to 60 percent. Plus, if you have a roommate you can save even more by splitting the cost with them.

Don’t look down on hand-me-downs

Cheap is good, but free is always better. If you’re on a budget, reconsider your mom’s old bookshelf or gran’s wing-back chair. You can always repaint wooden furniture if you want to update them or simply throw a slipcover over outdated items.

Put up shelves to make extra room for storage

You can DIY by grabbing supplies at stores like Makro or Builders warehouse, which can save you a lot of money. In fact, Builders warehouse has some cheap shelving kits (and a huge variety) that include everything you need to make the most of the dorm room’s wall space.


Easily turn a metal wastebasket into a side table by spray painting an inexpensive wastebasket in the colour of your choice then simply turn it upside down, and TA-DA you have a bedside table.

Add plants

If you ask me, plants are the most underrated decorating items found in dorm rooms. Plants help with the air quality, create a sense of the outdoors, and add calmness to a room.

Photo finish your wall

Placing a whole lot of photos of friends and family on your wall might give you some inspiration when you are having a bad day or just missing home.

Putting some light on the subject

Adding LED fairy lights are an inexpensive way of brightening up a room and creating an ambience.

You will be spending quite a lot of time in your dorm room studying, make sure that you use calming colours and never over-decorate, less is always more except when it comes to saving.

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Chantel van den Berg
Chantel van den Berg

Deputy Success Editor

Chantel Van Den Berg is an enthusiastic entrepreneur from the Vaal Triangle. Her main focus is corporate compliance and labour relations. Working as a consultant, auditor and trainer she strives to not only educate employees but to uplift and upskill all areas of their lives. Chantel has been climbing the corporate ladder for 10 years. She firmly believes that with hard work and dedication you can reach any dream no matter what life throws at you and part of becoming successful in life is learning how to roll with the punches. She has 2 beautiful children and has mastered the art of being a successful businesswoman while being a mom and wife.

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