Don’t Be A Snake (But Dress Like One)

Gone are the days when animal print was seen as tacky and a fashion faux pas. Animal prints are still going strong, but the latest fashion trend in print is giving us all the chic vibes. Snakeskin is perfect for a luxe, sophisticated look and it will give you that exotic edge as well. I mean, what more do you want from an outfit?

The trend was spotted on Spring/Summer 2019 fashion week runways, and obviously we are in love.
Seeing as we love this trend so much, we thought the BLOSS readers would appreciate some tips on where to find the best pieces for this trend, and how to style them. We’ve got you covered from head to toe (or should we say tail? Get it?).


Side note: Please make sure when buying any snakeskin pieces that you avoid genuine snake leather products, and go for faux leather instead. The process followed to strip snakes from their skin is extremely cruel and unsustainable.



Jeans ZW Premium High Waist Snake Print, Zara, R 679


Dresses, Mango


Dress it up or dress it down, but style these items with a neutral colour like cream, or go with black for a fierce look. For accessories we suggest gold elements to round off your ensemble.

Snakeskin is also not only about neutrals like greys, beiges and terracotta’s anymore, but they are now also seen in various shades of pastels and neons. We especially love this updated and modern feel to this look.

Actually, all animal prints are big right now, be it leopard, cheetah or zebra print. Tell us which animal print is your favourite in the comments!

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Chrismarie Bester
Chrismarie Bester

Fashion Editor

Chrismarie Bester is a BA Languages and Literature graduate with a passion for fashion, travelling, writing and the Media Industry. She loves flowers, can speak French and also has experience in the modelling industry. Her love for languages and fashion started at a very young age; she has been collecting magazines since she was old enough to understand what fashion means, and the fashion pages are where she spent most of her time. She hopes to inspire and empower women through BLOSS's fashion pages.

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