Do Everyday Cars Tick The Aspirational Box?

The rise of Instagram has seen an increase in the spotlight on big-name aspirational brands.

From fashion to travel destinations and, interestingly, car brands.

This led me to wonder which car brands people see as aspirational vs. easily attainable, versus out of reach.

Let me explain.

Everyone dreams

While growing up, I remember how there were certain cars that I had always wanted to own. In 2005, I saw a turquoise blue MINI Cooper, and I fell in love. I promised myself that once I started working, I would get one in that exact colour.

Fast forward to when I started working; Initially, I didn’t drive a MINI. Instead, I drove a company car, a white VW GOLF 5 that I affectionately named Snowy. However, a little later on, I did drive a MINI, not a turquoise one, but a 2012 British Racing Green Cooper Coupe. She was a two-door stunner.

Surprisingly enough, it would appear that the MINI brand is an aspiration to many women of all ages.

Take Tshepi Setene, a 26-year-old PR Specialist from the South of Johannesburg, South Africa. When asked which car brand she aspired to drive when she was younger, she enthusiastically proclaimed, “Growing up, I wanted to drive a Chrysler. There’s this ugly Chrysler, a PT Cruiser, well, I find it ugly (now that I’m older), but that was my dream car.”

After I stopped hysterically laughing at what she had just said, she continued, “When I started working though, I wanted to drive a MINI. Why a MINI, well, because one of my coolest aunts drove one. It also appealed to me because of how feminine it looked. Plus, it was super-fast. If I’m a little more honest, it’s also really about how other people spoke about it that convinced me to want one.”

Do Everyday Cars Tick The Aspirational Box?

This pushed me to ask about the kind of brands she thought were out of her reach, particularly as a 26-year-old.

“I definitely think it’s any of the supercars – Lamborghini, Ferrari, and even the latest BMWs feel out of reach for me.”

A lady and her supercar-eer

Tshepi’s answer was an intriguing contrast and a point of interest for me. Certain cars can feel out of reach for many of us. However, in having aspirations for owning luxurious items in life, one needs to have that aspiration accompanied by hard work.

Speaking to the National Marketing Director of Scuderia (Ferrari) South Africa, Chanelle Zackey, she stated that luxury is an intangible and constantly evolving idea.

“It means different things to different people, it changes over time and challenges us to always improve. Ferrari is a timeless luxury icon and is a lifestyle that is attainable to all prospects and clients who are able to invest in our supercars and become part of the Ferrari family. ”

Growing up, Chanelle wanted to own, wait for it, a MINI Cooper Sport. “Coincidently, in my first job, I worked with the MINI brand for several months, and after that, I was able to purchase my dream car after. I have sold it since, but it was a brilliant little car to own at the time, and I loved every minute driving it!” she says.

Now, Chanelle works at one of the biggest and most prestigious car brands in the world.

PS: You’ll be pleased to know that currently, Tshepiso drives a two-door MINI Cooper stunner, and her name is “Baby.”

So, it would seem that everyday cars do indeed tick the aspirational box.

Do Everyday Cars Tick The Aspirational Box?

As Lamborghini’s founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, once said about the brand, “Lamborghini is refinement, luxury, and perfection”.

With that, I believe that every one of us deserves refinement. We can certainly work towards luxury and absolutely achieve ownership of anything that seems perfect to us, including any aspirational car brand we think is out of our reach.

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Car Editor

This petrol head is a PR specialist with events and marketing background. Has a penchant for heels & sneakers! Is driven, enthusiastic, and believes where there's a w'heel there's a way!

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