DIY Tips To Boost Healthy Skin This Spring

Whether you’re looking to eliminate toxic chemicals in your beauty products or to simplify your skincare routine, there are options that you can explore over and above your skincare treatments to boost healthy skin this season.

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Perhaps you’re on a budget and are looking for affordable ways to enhance the health of your skin or maybe you’re just a DIY junkie that enjoys the use of natural products. Either way, these are my personal favourite, affordable and easy to use skin care tips that I use to enhance the health of my skin. I often get asked what I use for my skin and the below have remained loyal to me:

Brown Sugar, used as a Skin Scrub



Brown sugar’s small particles make an excellent topical exfoliate to remove dead cells on the surface of the skin, revealing glowing healthy-looking skin underneath. Brown sugar loosens the bonds of skin cells and promotes new cell growth because it’s a natural source of glycolic acid which is an alpha hydroxy acid. It also has natural humectant properties which means it attracts external moisture so when applied and left on your skin it can help draw and lock moisture in. Brown sugar is also softer than granulated sugar, so it can also be used on sensitive skin. You can make a simple face scrub by mixing sugar, honey, a few drops of lemon juice to hydrate, clarify and reveal softer skin. What also works is adding a teaspoon of brown sugar to your face wash and scrubbing for 1 minute. For best results scrub twice per week at night.

Drink lots of water

Not only does water play an important role in your digestive health and circulation, but it’s also vital for your skin’s health and beauty. Drinking enough water helps combat a variety of skin issues including psoriasis and eczema. It does this by helping your digestive system flush out toxins from the body. This in turn, will increase the blood flow to the skin, improving your complexion for healthy and glowing skin. Other benefits include fewer wrinkles, improved complexion, reduced puffiness, faster healing, clearing of acne and help with PH balance to keep your skin blemish free and glowing. If your skin is not getting a sufficient amount of water, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling

Olive Oil as a cleanser to soothe dry skin

Olive oil is a good choice as a cleanser or a moisturizer as it won’t strip your skins of its natural oils.

It has antioxidants and natural acids that work in harmony with your skin to strengthen its natural barrier. It contains a combination of sebum (the natural oils in your skin) and micro-flora (a healthy bacteria). Together these mirror the balance in your skin. When you apply olive oil based moisturizer to your face, the oils absorb quickly. Instead of sitting on top of your skin, as many chemical based moisturisers do, the nutrients penetrate your skin giving you the supple, radiant look you want. Rub the oil into your skin and drape a warm cloth over it. For great results use it in the evenings.

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Stress Less!

Stressing puts major strain on your skin.  Stress can trigger breakouts and make existing acne issues worse. This is because stress causes your body to make hormones like cortisol, which tells glands in your skin to make more oil. Oily skin is more prone to acne and other skin problems. Make a conscious effort to establish your stress patterns and put measures in place to curb the stress.

Do yoga at home for healthy skin

Exercise helps to improve the blood flow in the body and unclogs the pores of the skin. Eventually, the dirt and the oil from the skin wash off. It also helps to get rid of the stress hormones which eventually helps to restrict the production of testosterone hormones like Dihydrotestosterone and Dehydroepiandrosterone, which may cause acne on the skin. You don’t have to hit the gym but you can do Yoga or preferred exercises at home.

What affordable, easy skincare tips do you use? Share with us this Spring!

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