Desperately Seeking Softness

We are super excited to discuss Redken’s award-winning range in this week’s blog. We are talking about All soft, however, there is a new kid on the block…Redken All Soft Mega hair care. Winter is honestly the perfect time to have launched this range. In winter we need all the extra moisture to get our hair under control.

This isn’t the first time we are talking about moisture and it definitely won’t be the last

Desperately Seeking Softness

So let’s discuss this miracle moisture range from Redken. This range is packed with sacha inchi extract (which means that it’s rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as protein) aloe Vera and cactus extract. These core ingredients help with deep conditioning and nourishment.

Desperately Seeking Softness

This already sounds like silk in a bottle… well, in reality, it really is (tried, tested and approved). This range also has Redken’s RCT Protein complex which essentially means that the technology of the product is to treat the hair from root to core and make its way to the tips.

Desperately Seeking Softness

We were really privileged to be able to test this range before the launch and so pleased to say this is a must buy. What’s incredible about the All soft mega is that you don’t need much of a diagnosis from a professional to use this range because moisture can only be good for your hair.

Take your health for example water is key to a healthy body. Why treat your hair any different? Moisture hair care, especially during winter months is our biggest tip for salon-quality hair at home.

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Bianca & Mel
Bianca & Mel

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Bianca Thomson and Melandri du Plooy own Hairvolution, a Redken Loft Salon in Brooklyn, Pretoria. They bought over the salon in 2017 and cover all aspects of Hair, Nails and sugaring. They absolutely love everything about the industry and what it stands for and hope to be able to use our passion and love for the industry to educate all readers on every aspect relating to it.

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