How This Fashion Designer Is Making A Difference

Fashion designer, business owner, animal lover who loves to travel and of course… good company. Yes, I know it is a mouth full but when it comes to Carina Louw, co-owner of…

Ceramics To Spice Up Your Space

Is your space in need of it’s own Originality and Individualism? Perhaps you should invest in some ceramics to spice up your space! Ceramic pieces are an excellent way to give attention…

50 Shades Of Not Just Grey: Using Colour Therapy.

50 Shades Of Not Just Grey: Using Colour Therapy. Colour is one of the key elements in creating the right mood for any space. All colours have a different emotional impact therefore…

Dearest Decor Of The Month

The year is starting to make a positive turn when it comes to decorating our homes. Interior Design is all about having a refreshed approach and making home a sanctuary. As well…

Sonsopkoms Tussen die Apiesdoring

Verlang jy bos toe? Begeer jy om jou vroeg oggend alarm te verruil vir die geblaf van ‘n opgewonde Zebra. ‘n Diep-oranje sonsopkoms wat tussen deur die Apiesdoring skyn. Ek ken ‘n…

Carmen Hosten

Decor Editor

Carmen Hosten is a determined, innovative entrepreneur and designer focused on uniquely personalized interiors, architecture and furniture. With a BA degree in Interior Architectural Design Carmen developed a well trained eye for quality and spatial transformation that she combines with environmentally friendly and trend-setting designs.

Juanita Huisamen

Decor (Textile) Editor

Juanita Huisamen is a mother of three and a network marketer with a passion for all things textiles. She is a Textile Design and Technology Graduate and owner of "Hello Bubu", a company that focuses on unique handmade decor and textiles for children. Her love for Textile history and organic proses is what inspires her the most.

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