Dearest Decor Of The Month

The year is starting to make a positive turn when it comes to decorating our homes. Interior Design is all about having a refreshed approach and making home a sanctuary. As well as embracing personality into your space.

During this season design will be more focused on individualism, creating a nostalgic atmosphere and supporting sustainable materials.

We also predict that the most evolved decor trends will be all about personalised art,  creative use of colour, and “Hugge” style meaning comfortable or cozy.

Firstly, here are some of our favourite trendy decor products that have made their way into Autumn this year. Most importantly, our selection only includes Locally made and sustainably supported items.


Dearest Decor

Mono Line , One line 9 Art Print, R100-R140 by

“Adorn your walls with these beautiful and very affordable prints made from Lenza Green 100% recycled paper.”


Dearest Decor of the monthHanging Round Mirror – Black – Tan Leather Strap, R3 750 by

“Round mirror with leather strap by Dark Horse. A simple and beautiful addition to any space. A classic made with a powder-coated steel frame and genuine leather strap. ”

Mirrors have the magic ability to make any space feel larger, more interesting, and mysterious. However, they should be placed and styled accordingly. For instance, place a round mirror at eye-height level as a focus point.


Garlic Gourd, R746.00 by

“Handwoven in Southern Africa, the Garlic Gourd has been produced with ethical work conditions and sustainable material use in mind. Style this rustic accessory with a few fresh palm fronds or dried reeds.”


Dearest Decor Of The Month

Set of 6 wall pots with succulents, R4,837.00 by


Dearest Decor

Honeyed Desert Sunset, Hemp Canvas Scatter Cushion, R420,00, by

“Inspired by South Africa’s vibrant desert sunsets – this honeyed ochre and wine hemp canvas scatter cushion is the perfect bohemian addition to your sacred space! There is only one available of its kind.”


Xeno side-table, R1,099.00 by

“The Xeno Side Table is a bold and beautiful piece, made entirely of sustainable Birch Plywood. Its structure combines geometric shapes with a classic deep frame round tabletop.  Featuring exposed Birch Plywood layered edges.”

Side tables are practical and add dimension to your living room. Likewise, coffee tables are important and give your lounge a sense of comfort.


Dearest Decor

Oromo occasional chair, P.O.D, by

Inspired by the beautiful organic lines of the Oromo (Kemetic Africa) hairstyle in Jimma in the late 1800s. This chair is made from rolled powder coated steel weaved with textured cord detail. Upholstered seat in luxe-velvet and print fabric.

Above all, it is of utmost importance to start supporting local businesses and products that are considered sustainable. We should make an exclusive effort to do research on the products we buy. Therefore sourced and manufactured in South Africa.

Dearest Decor Of The Month

Carmen Hosten

Decor Editor

Carmen Hosten is a determined, innovative entrepreneur and designer focused on uniquely personalized interiors, architecture and furniture. With a BA degree in Interior Architectural Design Carmen developed a well trained eye for quality and spatial transformation that she combines with environmentally friendly and trend-setting designs.

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