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Not only should your master-suite be fit for comfort stimulating a good nights rest. But a sanctuary for creating romantic memories. Charm it up by adding  ambient lighting, soft textures and using passionate colours. There is no better time to spice up your love life than during Valentines day…. Creating your very own romantic bedroom.


1. Layering Linen
Snuggling has never looked better. Layering different textures in blankets throws creates a nestling place anyone would love to crawl into. PS: white linen is a must have for any bedroom.

Layering Linen (pinterest)

2. Romantic lighting
Using softer light during bedtime evokes a sense of intimacy and romance. Dimmed down lights are perfect for adjusting the mood in any space. Lamps, lanterns and fairy lights warms up the room and generates a passionate atmosphere. a Fireplace will definitely be your number one option when enkindling a seductive mood.

Romantic bedroom lighting.
fairy lights (pinterest)

3. Draping
Shape your very own intimate cocoon by draping white fabric over your bed. It is like being in your very own private, peaceful world. Canopy beds works wonderfully for creating an airy and spacious enclosure.

Canopy bed draping.

4. Using shades of red/pink.
Reds can be risky, although using the right tone can create a very intimate and lustful bedroom. Using red moderately can soften up the intimacy and make the space seem more idyllic.
Soft Pinks evoke a sense of alluring and sensual emotion. Its a very feminine colour so be sure not to go too girly. Pink is known as a confident colour and therefore develops a sexually stimulating space.

Pink and Red art In bedroom.

5. Plush textures
Nothing screams inviting and sultry like a fluffy carpet. They soften up any space, making it feel more luxurious.
Applying multiple uses of textures creates a sense of depth, creating a snug atmosphere. Different ways to use texture include the use of scatter cushions, layering curtains and bedding, using floor and wall finishes, adding a few rugs and even textured art.

Plush Textures (pinterest)
Sensuality with soft furnishings.

6. Sultry Art
Talking about art, what is more alluring than featuring sultry/ nude fine art. It is a easy way to express lust and awaken your passionate side.
Be sure to choose more approachable art pieces such as subtle paintings, ornamental sculpture or illustrations to not overwhelm the space too much.

Nude art. Pinterest

7. Best in Black
Last but not least.. Using black can make your bedroom seem dark and
mysterious. Especially adding warm light and plush textures so that it can soften up the room making it feel sensual and mature.

Black Bedroom elements.

Be sure to make your bedroom your happy place, by giving it a touch of individualism and personalising the space with things you both love and enjoy.
Carmen Hosten

Decor Editor

Carmen Hosten is a determined, innovative entrepreneur and designer focused on uniquely personalized interiors, architecture and furniture. With a BA degree in Interior Architectural Design Carmen developed a well trained eye for quality and spatial transformation that she combines with environmentally friendly and trend-setting designs.

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