Conflict As an Opportunity For Growth

You can never be too old to try something new or to adopt new life skills. After all, life is about recreating, evolving and finding new ways of dealing with day to day challenges. Conflict resolution is one skill that can be constantly refined.

Conflict is something we can’t avoid but having these differences isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It initiates open discussions and important questions being asked and also encourages innovative thinking and problem-solving. Conflict becomes a problem when ignored or handled ineffectively, which has a negative impact on our engagement with others.

Conflict As A Positive Change

Conflict is a fact of life, an opportunity to strengthen relationships. Find a way of resolving conflict by turning it into something creative. Look at what you can do differently, look at how you can grow as an individual and contribute towards a positive change.

Below are 6 of my personal conflict resolution tips that I apply in day to day life

1. Acknowledge That It Exists

Acknowledging that conflict exists, gives you the opportunity to manage it effectively by ensuring that it’s a positive force within your friendships, marriage or in your team at work.

2. Let The Other Person Have His or Her Say.

Consciously ensure that the other party has their say and make an effort to hear them out. Be present and be in the moment, in that way it shows the other party that their point is being considered.

3. Don’t Fight The Man, Fight the Issue

Address the issue at hand, refrain from passing degrading or demeaning words to the other party.

4. Don’t Avoid Conflict Because of Fears.

Conflict doesn’t need to be a negative influence on a family or work situation. It can be productive and can result in vast improvements and creative solutions. Some people see human relationships as extremely fragile, and fear taking a stand will lose them a relationship or the job. Those who take a back seat to the needs and backseat of others often deny themselves.

5.  Create a Win-Win Situation

For successful conflict management, everyone can work towards understanding the viewpoints of the other people involved, communicating well, and being willing to consider options. The results can be a synthesis of the needs, wants and the goals of each person involved.


6. If The Discussion Breaks Down, Reschedule Another Time To Meet.

If you are unable to come to a common understanding then consider scheduling a follow-up meeting and consider including a mediator.

Please share your personal best tips for addressing daily conflict.

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Mpho Ntontela
Mpho Ntontela

Health Editor

Mpho Ntontela is a mom, wife and career woman. As a senior project manager at one of the leading financial institutions, a model, motivational speaker and an aspiring businesswoman. She has grown an interest in fitness and health and strongly believes it starts with taking care of oneself before inspiring and influencing others. Her hobbies include spending quality outdoor time with her family, exercising and being in front of the camera.

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