Confidence Is Key

The media has a huge impact on young girls growing up in modern day life -since they are constantly surrounded by the media. Media containing beautiful, exotic,perfectly edited Image result for girl reading voguepictures of models. When we are surrounded by such imagery, we compare ourselves to others and we start to lack confidence. We begin to believe that we are not good enough to become successful models in the industry and sometimes we stop chasing our dreams.

We all know that alongside with being a successful model comes a lot of confidence. Here are a few tips on how to build up your self-confidence in everyday life, as well as in the modelling industry.

Don’t postpone confidence

We are not born with confidence. It is something that shapes up inside of us because of being proactive and grabbing opportunities that come our way. We tend to convince ourselves that right now isn’t the right time to start with something. We convince ourselves that at a later stage we will be more prepared to take on a certain task. The problem is that we keep on postponing.  Stop waiting for the ideal opportunity where you feel confident enough and take on any situation. The moment you start stepping out of your comfort zone is when you will grow! You will notice that everything that was once a challenge to you becomes second nature.

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“Mirror ,mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Accept your confidence

I’m sure that everyone is familiar with this phrase. Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror and thought negative things about yourself? I did. I used to criticise every part of me instead of accepting every part of me. Did you know that there is only one of you (unless you have an identical twin of course). You are all so unique in your own beautiful way. Even though there is some standard look for runway modelling, it doesn’t mean that you will not fit in somewhere else and be successful. Appearance alone doesn’t define your growth and successfulness in the modelling industry.

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Did you know that a model with confidence stands out the most to a client or agent? They see tons of models everyday and after a while all the models start to become one big blur to them. Confidence is key. Have trust in yourself and what you have to offer to a client or agent. You know exactly what is great about yourself and therefore it is only up to you to sell that to agencies and clients. The sad thing is the moment we don’t realise our own worth and uniqueness, the fastest route to becoming just another wannabe model becomes closer.

It is important to remember that when you get rejected for a job opportunity in the modelling industry that it is not personal. It is a business. Even though it is an industry where you get criticised , sometimes judged or analysed , the fundamentals for those things aren’t there to tear people down and to question themselves. You must keep up a positive mindset and do not let unnecessary things go straight to your head. Remain confident within yourself. It is still normal to feel sad when you do get rejected for something- it is a normal human being emotion. Give yourself a minute to express yourself and afterwards pick up yourself and have more confidence than before.

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Whether you become the next super model, part-time model or even find that it is not really your thing, upholding a good level of confidence throughout your life is a good trait that will take you far!


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Reinette Potgieter
Reinette Potgieter

Modelling Editor

Reinette Potgieter is humble, kind and ambitious. She strives to better herself everyday and to inspire those around her with kindness. Since she was a little girl she loved to be in front of the camera and now finds herself as a model at ICE Model Management Johannesburg. She is passionate about the modeling industry, fashion and all things beauty. She is also an aspiring teacher that believes that the foundation of a bright future is built through the education of our youth.

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