Ceramics To Spice Up Your Space

Is your space in need of it’s own Originality and Individualism?

Perhaps you should invest in some ceramics to spice up your space! Ceramic pieces are an excellent way to give attention to detail that  ad’s  an element of earthly characteristics.  It has become a popular way to decorate interior spaces with because they are so versatile and exclusive.

Ceramics To Spice Up Your Space

What makes ceramic’s so special?

They offer a very diverse selection of techniques and finishes. One of the biggest benefits of ceramics is that they are durable, non-porous and has longevity. Yet they are fragile and delicate too. They are often passed on from generation to generation as an antique object treasured by the family.

Uses of Ceramics

Use ceramics as an alternative art element to replace the tradition of expensive sculptures. Many ceramicists create sculptural pieces for the purpose of fine art as a less expensive material than traditional bronze.

Ceramics To Spice Up Your Space

The craftsmanship of ceramic also include vases, bowls, plates and other tableware that gives you the ability to custom design your space.

Ceramics To Spice Up Your Space

Hence you can handpick details of texture, colour and print. Ceramics are often engraved or pattern printed with different coloured glazes. Otherwise baked in their natural clay for a more raw, natural appearance.

Ceramics To Spice Up Your Space

Read more about glaze textures and finishes from Heath Ceramics

Display them with dramatic effect

Ceramics To Spice Up Your Space

It is however important to display ceramic’s in the right setting. Vases and art pieces need to be seen and presented in a good light and space for it to give the full effect of authenticity.

Ceramics To Spice Up Your SpaceCeramic tableware is something worth revealing therefore you should use open shelf space that will allow you to show it off. This gives life to your kitchen and adds a personal touch.

Ceramics To Spice Up Your Space

Display ceramic sculptures beautifully in bookcases, shelves, side tables,  a windowsill or even an open corner on the floor.

Ceramics To Spice Up Your Space

Just like any other decorative elements, they are noticed if displayed in front of a contrasting yet neutral coloured wall. Therefore it will allow the object to give the space a sense of depth and draw the viewer to move closer.

Ceramics To Spice Up Your Space

There is something very spectacular about something imperfect, handmade and detailed. Use them to give your kitchen its very own taste of trend. Collect them to pass on to your children and decorate with them to spark up the details of your home. Invest in some amazing ceramics to spice up your space…

Ceramics are the perfect way to enhance your space and add unexpected texture to merge with the rest of your decor.



Carmen Hosten

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Carmen Hosten is a determined, innovative entrepreneur and designer focused on uniquely personalized interiors, architecture and furniture. With a BA degree in Interior Architectural Design Carmen developed a well trained eye for quality and spatial transformation that she combines with environmentally friendly and trend-setting designs.

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