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When we think of African Fashion International (AFI) fashion week we think clothes, makeup and BIG hair, but what does it take to achieve those memorable looks?

Rockmantic Salon was invited to be part of the Wella hair team for this year’s AFI fashion week and boy they did not disappoint.


We caught up with Monique from Rockmantic Salon to get the inside scoop on what it’s really like behind the scenes at fashion week.

Rockmantic clearly isn’t your ordinary hair salon, what sets you apart from other salons?

Rockmantic Hair is exactly what the name says: hair that is worthy for a Rockstar in a salon with a romantic, feminine vibe. Our staff is like a family, who make every client feel welcomed and loved, but it’s difficult to say in such a competitive industry. In my heart, I believe what makes us special is the fact that we embrace uniqueness, and don’t like to follow the masses. We believe in embracing each client’s needs and beauty to give them a tailored look that suits them… Making them feel like the one and only!

How does one prepare for a huge event such as AFI?

Practice, practice and more practice… Definitely a lot of practice on your doll and willing clients, to make sure you execute the looks in good time with that perfect, polished finish.


Tell us what it’s really like behind the scenes?

It is well-organized chaos (hahaha). Backstage pushes your comfort zone above all your own boundaries. It is fast thinking, high energy and tested tempers, but most of all, a lot of fun.

How does one become part of the AFI hair team?

Wella Professional hosted a course called Backstage pass with Aubrey Loots. This course is for stylists wanting to collaborate with fashion designers and editorial events. On completion of this two-day seminar, you are automatically eligible to assist fashion week in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and South Africa.

What was your favourite creation of the week?

Without a doubt the African cornrows, boxer braids, and sleek, polished ponytails. Although the plain hair looks were easy to do, it’s exactly the ones that challenge you as a stylist.


What are the current hair trends?

The ’70s are making a big comeback with voluminous hair, dusty tones and slightly unkempt and textured styling. Lived-in hair colour is the trend of the season.

Colour trends are modern hair colours with a vintage feel. Blondes, red and brunettes with a soft and powdery filter.

Middle parts are all the rage and it was no secret with the fall/winter 2019/2020 collection for NYFW and Paris Fashion Week.

The old faithful ponytail is still ever so trendy, whether worn low or high.                        Soft waves will also never go out of style. They look natural and effortless and always glamorous. Cornrows/Boxer braids and accessories, accessories and more accessories.

How do you keep up with the current trends?

Always staying in the loop with training and obviously social media. The new movement is individuals creating their own vibe and showcasing it on social platforms, and through that movement, you pick up what is happening around the world.

Meet the team

Monique Buchholz is the proud owner and a stylist at Rockmantic Hair. Ever since she gave her first Barbie a buzz cut (don’t worry, she’s improved since then!), she has loved cutting hair. 18 years ago she graduated from Carlton Hair, and has been loving her job every day since. She believes that every human being is a unique and awesome creation, and she thrives on bringing everyone’s uniqueness out and personalising every cut and colour to make it their own.

Bianca Nurden is a Senior Stylist at Rockmantic Hair. She loves all aspects of hairdressing. She enjoys doing classic work and prides herself on very close attention to detail, especially styling. After 9 years in the industry, Bianca is still excited about her work and have built up positive relationships. To be friendly and professional is her aim.

Well done to the entire Wella team on creating these fresh & fun looks.

For more info on Rockmantic Salon check them out on Facebook.

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