Cantu Crew Ambassador Search Campaign

Cantu Celebrates SA Hair Community With Cantu Crew Ambassador Search Campaign

What happens when passionate hair enthusiasts get the opportunity to collaborate and engage with one of the country’s most loved haircare brands? The emergence of a strong hair community… Introducing Cantu Crew, a group of like-minded hair enthusiasts who are sharing their hair journeys with the rest of SA to inspire, educate and celebrate the beauty of natural hair.

In late 2021 beloved haircare brand, Cantu, embarked on a nationwide ambassador search campaign, calling for naturalistas, transitioners, stylists, influencers, bloggers and vloggers to join the Cantu Crew. The challenge was simple: Sign up to be part of the Crew, receive Cantu haircare samples curated for your hair type or concerns and fall back in love with your hair, all while sharing the journey with Cantu and your social media followers.

The campaign took off with thousands of women signing up and receiving Cantu samples to try, sharing their hair journey via creative posts, stories and reels on Instagram.

But that’s not all there is to this campaign. In addition to building this supportive community, the campaign is also helping Cantu in their search for four ambassadors who will be chosen to represent the brand locally and worldwide – an incredible honour for any hair enthusiast!

After careful selection, Cantu identified the Top 200 ambassadors from this group, and these ladies were sent full-size Cantu products to support them in their ongoing hair journeys. The Top 200 has since been whittled down to a Top 50 and from here, Cantu will make the difficult decision of selecting only four ladies to represent the brand in local as well as global marketing initiatives.

This is the first time that Cantu has embarked on a campaign like this and the results have been astounding. Not only has it given thousands of South African women the chance to try Cantu products (many for the first time), but it gave Cantu the opportunity to get valuable feedback from consumers, to find out what their hair care needs are and to learn about how they can improve as a brand. It’s given the consumer a voice to raise their concerns, support their fellow hair enthusiasts and engage in topics they care about.

Cantu Crew SA is about more than hair enthusiasts discussing products, it is a community where heartfelt stories are told, hair journeys are documented and past experiences are shared, all in the name of learning, growing and celebrating the beauty of natural hair. It’s an uplifting community where women are connected through their passion for hair and where they can share their concerns, not just with other women like them, but also with a brand that cares about their journeys.

Cantu believes that every haircare story deserves to be told, and Cantu Crew has given countless women the platform to do just that. We hope that the campaign will continue to inspire more women to own their natural hair, to fall in love with it and to celebrate it, every day.

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Keep abreast of the campaign by following Cantu on social media:

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