Canna-Beauty Benefits

Let’s’ start by talking about CBD (Cannabidiol), a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. There are two primary ingredient residents of cannabis, the second one being THC (unlike CBD, THC is the one that makes you feel high).

There has been plenty of research done around CBD and its multiple benefits, a lot of these benefits could lead to improved skin if used in you skincare regime or taken orally in dosages. Here are a few benefits you might not have known about.

Canna-Beauty Benefits

1. Decreases anxiety and stress.

Have you ever been under a lot of pressure, your stress levels reaching its peak and your anxiety just getting the better of you? And, BOOM! You are breaking out all over your face in tiny, or not so tiny pimples. Decreasing stress and anxiety by using CBD oil drops could prevent these unwanted breakouts as quickly as they appeared.

Canna-Beauty Benefits

2. Reduces sebum production leading to acne.

CBD is also effective in your fight against acne. It helps to reduce the production of sebum in your skin. Now, you might be asking what sebum is. Basically, it is your skin’s natural oils being produced. It prevents your skin from becoming overly dry. In excess amounts, it causes more damage as acne is the aftermath of overproduction. Do not fret about the CBD drying out your skin either, it merely creates a balance in your skin.

Canna-Beauty Benefits

3. Effectiveness in eczema treatment.

Research around the treatment of eczema has indicated that CBD has multiple anti-inflammatory properties that can help in many ways. These anti-inflammatory properties have the ability to decrease the itch, inflammation and even pain caused by eczema. Any inflammation is your body’s way of defending itself from foreign viral infections, bacteria, injuries and irritants. CBD has the ability to treat these issues and also work on the skin sensitivity that occurs in people with eczema.

Canna-Beauty Benefits
4. Improved sleep.

Everyone knows about the importance of sleep. Not only for your mental health and physical health but also for healthy glowing skin. Being tired causes your skin to breakout, age and look dull. While we are sleeping our skin repairs itself. With the increased blood flow, we have the ability to rebuild collagen with prolongs ageing and skin elasticity. It has already been discussed the CBD releases stress and anxiety, it also aids is the sleeping pattern some individuals have trouble finding. Better sleep will aid in better skin.

5. Anti-aging benefits.

So as mentioned above the benefit of sleep can lead to the prevention of premature ageing. Sun damage leads to ageing and is also something that is repaired when our collagen is repaired during our sleep cycle. Another topic discussed was the anti-inflammatory properties. These also play a part in the ageing process of our skin. They prevent damage that is caused by free radicals by balancing out the skin before any damage can be done to the skin. CBD helps to better repair and protect your skin to prevent ageing.

Canna-Beauty Benefits

So that is that. A simple yet effective way to get you and your skin more relaxed. There are plenty of other physical benefits of CBD and this should not have a negative connection if there are so many positive outcomes.

Canna-Beauty Benefits

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Canna-Beauty Benefits

Shannon Bouwer Bosch

Beauty Editor

Shannon is a 24 year old beauty advisor for a cosmetics company with a passion for make up artistry. She is a small time farm girl from Paarl and she loves to spend her free time drinking coffee and wine. She studied speech and language pathology at UCT but decided that her heart lies in the beauty industry. Making people feel beautiful makes her feel that she has done her work and that’s what makes her get up each and every morning.

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