Busting The Biggest Fitness Myths

Busting The Biggest Fitness Myths
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Whether its the consumption of viper venom within organic teas made from indigenous plants or the fact that you should only do intense cardio workouts. Perhaps you heard that weight training will have you looking like the hulk before summer? The truth is we are all being sold some huge fitness myths daily. Finally, I am here to speak candidly about these so-called “tips” and expose them for the myths they are.

In today’s society, health and fitness have become all the more important to us as a race. With this in mind, everyone is constantly on the search for the “miracle cure” to a healthy and fit lifestyle without the immense effort and physical exertion needed to achieve it. Obviously, within the tons of internet that we have access to, there are some serious false facts about fitness and health. So, I have taken this task upon myself to expose these myths and once and for all put anyone’s doubts to rest. So, let’s get right into it.

No pain No gain!

Let’s not beat around the bush with this one, if it feels uncomfortable and like hard work halfway through a spinning class or 5 minutes into a hike well this could be expected for the less athletically inclined. However, I can confidently say that if you feel a sharp pain in you’re right knee every single time you mount the spinning cycle of death, then my advice to you would be to STOP THE EXERCISE! Before you pop off a knee cap or something!

The truth about this myth is that yes, a small amount of discomfort is to be expected at the beginning of your training journey. However, it shouldn’t be a soul-sucking, eye-watering amount of pain that’s no good for anyone. Taking it too easy in the gym won’t give us the summer bodies we all crave, but taking it too hard might land us in the waiting room of a not so hot doctor with some serious injury.

Busting The Biggest Fitness Myths
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Weight training is a No-Go zone is you are aiming to lose weight

For many decades now the stigma of weight training bulking you up has loomed over the dumbbell section in the gym. I want to tell you that this is a big fitness myth and couldn’t be further from the truth. Weight training if done correctly can produce some seriously good results that cardio workouts can’t always deliver. The thing that is most important with weight training is that it needs to be done correctly.

Busting The Biggest Fitness Myths
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If it is done wrong or with the wrong size weight for you that’s when you end up looking like a more, less green version of the hulk with all his bulk. What a lot of people and women, in general, forget about exercise is to get the best results a good combination of both weight training and cardio is very important. The two work hand in hand and will get you so much further in a much shorter time than just applying one of these exercise methods. So, to finally bust the myth, weight training is a good way to lose weight and to sculpt your body if done in the right and safest way for you as an individual.

The step machine will give you a large and in charge rear end

This one is more applicable to the fabulous females within our society. This is a very common concern amongst females the misconception of a large behind being unattractive, in my personal opinion is a myth in itself, I think a voluptuous bum is the best thing! Never the less back to the stepper giving you a big bum.

Busting The Biggest Fitness Myths
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Unless you have completely lost it and set the resistance on the stepper to level 100 so that you can hardly move the pedals up or down. This exercise is meant to be an aerobic low- resistance exercise. As a result of the nature of this exercise, it won’t stimulate the muscle enough to cause it to grow and thus won’t affect the size of your rear end. So yes, this is a total myth and you can from now on step to heart’s content knowing you won’t end up looking like a bumblebee from behind.

The more you exercise the better the results

The serious gym junkies are going to hate me for this one but believe it or not there is a thing as too much exercise. It is interestingly enough during the time we rest and not during the time we exercise when our bodies do the necessary repairs and construction to make itself fitter and stronger. So taking this rest period away from your body will not let you reach your full potential when it comes to pushing your body to be in its best shape.

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Now I know some of you lazy “gymmers” (including myself) will find a way to use this as an excuse to only hit the gym once a week and say that your body needs time to rest, but that’s pushing it a bit. We all need to do our exercise routinely but there should just be a good balance between working out and resting to obtain your best possible self.

Eating less will make you lose more weight

Can we all just once and for all accept the fact that starving yourself is not the way to go to lose weight! This has been an apparent myth that receives a lot of traction within society and couldn’t be further from the truth. We are human beings and much like any other living, breathing thing we need to eat to sustain ourselves. So not eating is so harmful to your body and can cause some serious issues for you and probably won’t make you lose as much weight as you think.

The trick to losing weight is a healthy balance between exercise and making good food choices. These choices should provide your body with the nutrients it needs to do all of life’s challenging tasks. Eating a sufficient amount and combining this with a good workout routine will deliver great results that are maintainable in a healthy way that will make you happy to be your wonderful self.

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To conclude my extensive expose on the most prominent fitness myths in today’s society I want you all to remember that there is, unfortunately, no miracle cure or fast fix to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. The only way you get there is through good old hard work and perseverance. So, don’t believe everything you read on the world wide web. Just check the facts before going on some weird eastern European fasting regimen!

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Abby Kruger
Abby Kruger

Health Editor

She is currently a final year student at the NWU Potchefstroom campus, and she is completing her degree in BSc Consumer sciences. The reason she chose this degree is because of the wide variety it provides. This suits her personality perfectly because she sometimes tends to get frustrated very quickly if she follows the same routine for too long. She is someone with a very bubbly personality and a very strong character. She loves to laugh, and has a very dry sense of humour, which you may or may not notice later on. In a general sense she is someone that has a great lust for life and a huge passion for everything she does.

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