Bohemian & Eco Friendly Chic

Bohemian & Eco Friendly Chic

Southern Soul was founded in 2016 with the soul purpose of bringing about wellness and mindfulness with Eco friendly products and accessories. Yoga is about developing a healthy body and mind by allowing yourself to be more mindful each day. Southern Soul provides you with products that are sustainable, earth friendly and it has a positive effect on your well being.

I met Jen the owner of Southern Soul at one of Brooklyn’s Yoga events. She was so radiant and exactly everything that Southern Soul represents. I saw the products displayed beautifully and I immediately fell in love.

Jen sent me the products and the morning they arrived at my home the house was filled with various aromas immediately. Now I am not trying to be a skeptic but one does sometimes wonder if these “homeopathic” products actually work. I received salves. There was one tin called ” Deep Sleep” this tin at the back instructed me to message the balm into the temple of my head an underneath my nose; just before you start counting sheep you know. I didn’t fall asleep immediately however I felt extremely calmer and more relaxed. Then there was a tin ; one in particularly that sparked my curiosity. The one for “lady cramps“. Any woman knows when that time of the months arrives it can either be hellishly sore or extreme uncomfortable either close to your ovaries or your back. Needles to say I was shocked to feel relieve in just a few minutes.

The amazing thing about Southern Soul is, it’s Eco friendly, sustainable and smells gorgeous. I would highly recommend getting yourself a few tins! The best of all, they are super cute and you can pop them in to your handbag and have them at hand anytime!

Want to relax? Add the meditation pillow to your shopping cart, scented with calming aromas. You can take a 5 minute break; which you deserve for only R80.50. 

Looking after your mind and body is a lifestyle I firmly believe in. Our lives have become hectic and we forget to press pause and take time to reconnect with ourselves Now you can and you can do it like a Chic Bohemian Goddess!


Have a look at there website and add some goodies to that cart! Its totally worth it! . Go check me out on Instagram for me complete review on these products by following me @debbie_ellis_makeup.



Debbie Ryan Ellis
Debbie Ryan Ellis

Editor: Beauty

Debbie Ryan is an amazing makeup artist who specializes in bridal make-up and hair styling. She is also the owner of Debbie Ellis Makeup Artisry and Hair. Debbie finds inspiration in the words of Helen Keller: “What I’m looking for is not out there, it’s in me”. Her motto as mother and entrepreneur is that beauty comes from within, so she tries to empower women by making them look and feeling beautiful.

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