Blush and Bronzer – Your Beauty Bag Essentials

Blush and Bronzer are some of your beauty bag’s essentials. While most of us believe that these products serve a similar purpose, the effects that they create are drastically different.

There are a few factors that one should take into consideration when deciding when to use your blush or your bronzer.

Blush and Bronzer – Your beauty bag essentials

Let us quickly chat about what they are and how we can apply them.

How to use your blush:

I know many of us think that blush is a light pink powder that we brush on the apples of our cheeks. If this was your thought, you would not be far off, but there is a little more to it. Blush is a light or soft coloured powder or cream. We then apply blush to our cheek area to create a healthier and more vibrant complexion.

Blush and Bronzer – Your beauty bag essentials

Now as mentioned there are two variations of blush – powder and cream. Both can be applied on the bare skin, as well as on foundation. Unlike a powder blush, cream blush has a longer-lasting power and one does not need a primer when applying. Both variations are quite simple to apply however, powder blush can only be applied with a brush. Cream blush can be applied with your fingers, a brush, or even a sponge. Powder blush is less pigmented than a cream blush. Remember when applying blush, because of the intense pigmentation, to use a light hand when applying.

The application of blush is quite dependent on the shape of your face. Select a small to medium-sized brush to use when applying your blush. Please ensure that the bristles are not too dense. A stipple brush is quite a comfortable option. The fun thing about applying blush is that you can play around. Find the position of your cheekbones and try and follow its natural line. You want to enhance your beautiful natural lines. If you are not used to applying blush, start lightly. You are always able to add more, should the need be.

How to use your bronzer:

Bronzer is used to create a beautiful sun-kissed or shimmery glow look. Bronzer can also define the face in a way in which blush cannot. Contouring is still a massive trend and by playing with your bronzer you will be able to create some defining angles.

Blush and Bronzer – Your beauty bag essentials

Unlike blush, bronzer is not only applied to the cheeks but also the brow, jawline, other contours of the face and the décolletage area. Summer is a great season to wear your bronzer, because of that sun-kissed glow that it offers.

Blush and Bronzer – Your beauty bag essentials
Blush and Bronzer – Your Beauty Bag Essentials

The trick to knowing when to use blush or bronzer is quite simple for me. Decide what the mood or the occasion is. Bronzer works quite well in the following scenarios: a laid-back natural weekend look or a fancier evening look. Blush works well for everything in between and if you require a bit more of a flush look. Something to keep in mind, when applying both these products is to keep in range of your natural skin tone.

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Blush and Bronzer – Your Beauty Bag Essentials

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