BLOSS Brand Ambassador Sponsors

Would you like to collaborate with us by sponsoring our Brand Ambassadors?

BLOSS Media Brand Ambassadors are a group of strong, independent and dynamic women situated all over South Africa.  They are an invaluable part of our company’s success story because they’re the “real deal”.  They get up close and personal with everyone they meet and add value to any brand they are affiliated with.

They are carefully selected and cleverly dispersed over our three major platforms named, BLOSS, BLOSS AFRICA, and BLOSS YOUTH.  These are all woman with influence in their community.  They can reach over 31,000 people in one post and they love to break records.  They are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and if you collaborate with these ladies, you are sure to get your money’s worth.

They do not ask for money but will definitely make you some.  We are searching for business owners and brands to build throughout South Africa and if you choose the BLOSS Brand Ambassador Program to do so, we have tailor-made opportunities for each company depending on the need of our clients and the target market.

We have worked with brands like DMK South Africa. Moogoo South Africa, RUT Art, Harmony Honey Bush, MUD Makeup and Sunpack to name a few and the outcome for these companies could not have been more positive.

To find out more about this awesome opportunity send an email to