Diverse ModelWinnie Harlow grabbed the world’s attention after being the first super model to walk the runway with vitiligo. This has never been done before. Vitiligo occurs due to the loss of melanin and it leads to the loss of skin colour in portions. She was only diagnosed with this skin condition at the age of four years old.

She became famous after taking part in “America’s Next Top Model” even though she fell out before the finals. The exposure was INSANE and opened many doors for her. She appeared on multiple magazine covers and high-end fashion labels like


Diverse ModelWinnie is an example of a diverse model. She went and rocked the modelling industry no matter what! Models of diversity consists of all ages, sizes, abilities, genders and height. You should never be defined by your appearance and excluded from being a successful model. She is just an absolute inspiration. Through her modelling platform she encourages aspiring models to follow their dreams no matter what.

 “My definition of beauty shouldn’t have anything to do with your definition of beauty. I think beauty is really within the eye of the beholder. Everyone should stop focusing on what everyone else thinks beautiful is.” 

Diverse Model

“I don’t believe in role models. I don’t think anyone should be put on a pedestal or made to feel like someone you should emulate,” says Winnie Harlow. “You should want to be yourself.”

Being successful in the modelling industry requires you to be comfortable in your own skin. Embrace all your flaws and accept who you are. In the modelling industry that regularly prizes conformity over individuality and distinctiveness, Winnie embraces herself and that sets her apart from other models. Everyone is unique in their own way.

Diverse Model

Winnie Harlow on diversity:

“I try not to compare myself to anyone else. It’s inspiring to see my girls in my industry doing the things that they’re doing. But I have my own path that I have to walk and you just can’t compare” says Harlow. Winnie wants aspiring models to find inspiration in her journey and to chase their own dreams.“Take my aspiration of being what I want to be and put that in your life to do what you actually, really dream to do.”

Having a good support system makes you grounded. It is your responsibility to make it clear from the beginning that this is what you stand for and stick to it .Do not let anyone or anything devine you. Embrace your individuality and uniqueness for that is what makes you funky and stand out! You will be better off the moment you stop worrying what other people think.

Above all, if you don’t have your own back, who else will?

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Reinette Potgieter

Modelling Editor

Reinette Potgieter is humble, kind and ambitious. She strives to better herself everyday and to inspire those around her with kindness. Since she was a little girl she loved to be in front of the camera and now finds herself as a model at ICE Model Management Johannesburg. She is passionate about the modeling industry, fashion and all things beauty. She is also an aspiring teacher that believes that the foundation of a bright future is built through the education of our youth.

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