Become an Influencer With These 10 Steps!

Gone are the days when Princess Diana of the United Kingdom enchanted and influenced women. The days when her hairstyle, clothing, make-up, and shoes on magazines gave way to the leading trends in fashion. We are no longer obsessed with the latest Miss South Africa, Miss World or Miss Universe. Today the Influencers rule! Each industry has at least one of them.

Influencers first started with a simple blog. We read it, googled and followed them. We participated, commented and wished we could just meet the person! But who is the Influencer

Bloggers have transformed into Vloggers. Transformation, therefore, seems to be the norm, not only in sports, politics and so forth, but also in leadership, the management of organizations and how we are managed by Influencers.

BLOSS AFRICA cover girl, @kefilwe_mabote, and @sarahlanga, two of SA’s most prominent Influencers.

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Here are the next 6 steps in becoming an Influencer

Step 5: Distribute Your Content

If you don’t actually distribute your content, no one will notice it no matter how amazing your content is. You need to plan how and when to put your content out on your social media channel. 

Of course, it depends on the type of channel you use. Always use hashtags when posting content. Make sure that you individualize your message every time, even if you post the same message twice. You don’t want your followers to feel you are spamming them. It is important to keep in mind what time of day your target market is active. If you, for example, focus on the working individual you will not benefit from posting your content midday. The followers, for example, will most likely love to digest the content with their morning coffee.

It is very important that you post your message so that it is readable on smartphones. People spend at least three hours on smartphones daily, and if your content is not user-friendly on it you will miss your target market.

Step 6: Grow Your Network

The best way to grow your network is to blog or vlog. By blogging or vlogging you can easily be discovered by followers. Link your blog to your social media profile and use hashtags and keywords.

Step 7: Involve Your Followers

Reply to your followers’ comments and answer their questions. It make your followers feel important and help create a bond with you immediately.

Handle negative comments with caution. You’re not going to experience positivity only. Remember the saying; the highest trees catch the most wind. If you strive to be such a tree, you should expect your leaves to be rustled.

German Influencer, @leoniehanne. Image: Unsplash.

Step 8: Rate Your Success

This is a very important step in the process. Most social media channels provide you with insight into your progression. You’ll receive feedback on the popularity of your posts. If you see that they have not been shared or commented on, investigate. Maybe it isn’t reaching enough people and you are not distributing your content correctly. Maybe your content is missing something. Be honest with yourself, otherwise, you will not gain followers.

Step 9: Always Be Ahead of Updates

Nowadays everything works with algorithms. If you don’t familiarize yourself with your channel’s algorithm updates or adhere to the terms and conditions, your posts will fall through the cracks. All your hard work will be for nothing. Check your channel’s algorithms regularly. Stay up to date with the trends.

Step 10: Stay Constant and Consequential

You can’t share excellent posts with valuable content with your followers today, and tomorrow a weaker version. Your followers will disappear into thin air. Always maintain the same standard. This applies to content and timing. If you schedule your posts every morning at 8:30 am, your followers will wonder what is going on if you neglect to be on time. We live in a fast-paced world where Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a disease. If you are not present, another will take your place. 

Follow these steps to become a successful Influencer, and soon your name will be on everyone’s lips! Be brave and be different! Influence us!

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Michélle du Plessis
Michélle du Plessis

Success Editor

Michélle, a former beauty queen and model, is a lawyer and conveyancer of the High Court of South Africa as well as a Solicitor in England and Wales. She specializes in International Law, with specific reference to International Divorces and Family Law as well as Business Law. Michélle also holds an MSc in Business Administration with a Major in Business Development and Promotion from the Lucerne School of Business Switzerland. Michele believes that success starts within yourself, with a positive attitude, assertion and mindset. A growth mindset, instead of a fixed mindset, does wonders! The glass is never half empty, but always being filled! As a keen traveler, Michélle travels regularly throughout Europe and America for both business and pleasure! Her motto, Carpe Diem (Seize the day), she lives out every day. Success is not who you are, but what you make of every opportunity!

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