Become a Master “Zen” Packer

You want to pack it all in during a holiday or break, but does that mean that you have to pack it all? We outline a few tips to help you master the art of packing – The Zen way.

Become a Master "Zen" Packer
Become a Master “Zen” Packer

First things first, pack a calm mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re dashing off to far shores with numerous connecting flights and layovers or simply taking time out in your own backyard, the trick to ensuring your break is actually a break, is keeping calm. Being organized and practical really helps. When you know you’ve got your essentials and important documents in a safe and easily accessible place, you’ll already feel more Zen.

Pack some gratitude too, while you’re at it. If you’re getting away, then you’ve already got something to be grateful for – something to come back to. Mindfully enjoy every moment by taking the time to invite in a stunning sunrise, eat just for energy, appreciate your body and your mind, re-connect with nature or connect for the first time with a new place and people.

Become a Master "Zen" Packer


  1. Less is more doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave all your favourites behind. It might mean using less space in your travelling bag. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them – it saves space and staves off wrinkles.
  2. You can also do your bit by travelling lighter – the less weight on an aeroplane or in a car, the less weight used, so you can lighten your carbon footprint, even if the person next to you seems to have packed the kitchen sink.
  3. Divide and conquer – get really practical by creating outfits before you pack. Make sure you have a mix and match collection that will cover every eventuality. For example, you can wear the same pair of jeans with a T-shirt during the day and a smarter top at night. No need to pack extra bottoms.
  4. Make a list of the absolute must-haves (like shampoo and toothpaste) and decant into travels size packs.
  5. Strip away any unnecessary packing materials from your toiletries – it’s not always easy to figure out how to recycle in a new place.
  6. Check your destination to make sure you have clothes appropriate for visiting sacred places or temples

Become a Master "Zen" Packer

Tip: A new set of luggage is always a joy, but consider upcycling some of your older bags and suitcases. Use fabric strips and colourful duct tape to make your bag completely unique – it’ll help you identify it on the collection conveyor belt as well.

Any more tips you’d like you to share with us? We’d love you hear from you!

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Become a Master “Zen” Packer

Rosaline Mtsweni
Rosaline Mtsweni

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Rosaline is 22. A Fluid Control Consultant (Wonder Woman) by day. And a reader, writer, slam poet, student, a lover of love, by night. She fiercely advocates for things and people she believes in, has killer smile and loves food. She doesn't fit the mould. She laughs. Loudly. Unapologetically. She is passionate about all things Fluid Conveyance and the perfection behind it. She is the physical manifestation of proactive positivity, passion and pride. She is me.

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