Everything You Need to Know About Skin Nutrition

Skincare is not limited to using cosmetics only. There are a wide range of factors that can determine the condition of your skin. Exercising, getting enough sleep, protecting your skin from the…

Beauty On A Budget

Times are tough. South Africa is in a recession and consumers are bearing the brunt…

No more camel toe!

What is Cosmetic gynecology? Do you know? Aesthetic (cosmetic) gynecology has become mainstream over the…

Alexis Tshangana

Alexis Tshangana

Fashion & Beauty Editor

Alexis Tshangana is an all-around fashion and beauty lover. She has been in the industry for more than 13 years and has worked with various magazines, tv productions and celebrities. Her greatest mentor is Oprah Winfrey. “Everything that has happened to you, is preparing you for what is yet to come,” is her favourite Oprah quote. Alexis is passionate about what she does and is always grateful for what life has to offer. She believes building and making other women feel beautiful rather than ourselves is priceless.

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