Beauty Trends Worth Trying In 2021

All-natural, Bold 80’s babes and some wet hair are your top Beauty Trends to look forward to and worth trying in 2021

2020 offered us some really fun beauty trends; unfortunately due to Covid-19 ladies were not able to enjoy these trends in all their glory and instead stripped things back for a few months. In the months during the lockdown, when we had ample time to invest in our skincare routine and practice those new trends we actually learnt that simplicity is of utmost importance.

3 Simple Skincare Steps And a Few Must Have Products

Instead of spending hours on end and hundreds of Rands on our skin, all we needed was 3 simple skincare steps and a few products. Your first 2 steps are free and you might have already guessed what they are – Sleep and water.

Beauty Trends Worth Trying In 2021

The next time you hit that snooze button, you can do so with confidence because you know your skin will benefit.

Your last step should consist of products that are suited to your skin type and your skin type only. Please do not mix many different products either. Find those products that work for you and stick to them. A few products that I find super beneficial are – a gentle cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen.

And there you have it, a toned-down and cost-effective skincare routine that prepares your naturally beautiful canvas to show off all the new 2021 beauty trends. Minimal make-up or all-natural is in fact one of the hottest trends for summer 2021.

Beauty Trends Worth Trying In 2021

Not only does this keep things simple and budget-friendly, but also seriously healthy for your skin. Exciting… I know.

The ’80s Are Here to Stay For The 2021 Season

Do not fret, for all our lovely ladies that enjoy some colour and pretty make-up. The ’80s are here to stay for the 2021 season. Think fuchsia lips and/or a bold blue eye, the options are endless. If the colour makes you slightly nervous enjoy the gothic liner. This makes just as big a statement.

Beauty Trends Worth Trying In 2021

Wet hair and finger waves are back in all their glory. Having wet hair on your way out the door no longer has to cause you bouts of anxiety. Run a comb or brush through your hair and rock those wet locks. But if you have a few extra minutes to spare, consider doing easy finger waves with a slick side path.

Beauty Trends Worth Trying In 2021

What I find hugely exciting about 2021 is that these trends are interchangeable and there is most definitely something for everyone. Ladies will be able to dabble in trends that might scare them a bit, but because these trends are quite fluid for the season ahead, it simply means that you cannot really go wrong.

Go ahead and enjoy finding the trend or the combination of trends that suite you and wear it with the most important trend for 2021 – SELF CONFIDENCE.

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Beauty Trends Worth Trying In 2021

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