Beauty Trend: Rockin’ Red

One of the most iconic beauty looks of all time is red lips. They are classic, effortless, elegant, and timeless. It is, in my opinion (one of) the epitome of beauty. To me, red lips will always be associated with a particular woman – Marilyn Monroe, the girl who defined the Hollywood sex symbol.

Red is no longer reserved solely for lipstick. Beauty trends and innovations have expanded the use of red beyond the lips. One can now find red blush, eyeshadow, and even mascara. But remember red is not a soft or subtle colour, it pops! So be smart and savvy when applying.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can try to look rocking in red.

Finding the right red lipstick

Yes, there are different shades of red and finding the right one is dependent on your skin’s undertone.

  • Berry reds are perfect for darker brown skin tones.
  • Orange reds look better on fair to medium skin.
  • Brick reds compliment fair tanned skin.
  • Pink reds are better suited for medium to fair skin.
  • Blue based reds are flawless on fair and cool skin tones.

Red flushed cheeks

Blush no longer has to be pink or rosy on the cheek. A red blush can work and look good on all skin tones if applied correctly. Red looks especially good on dark to espresso skin.

The secret to rocking red blush is to decide on the intensity of the colour you want on your cheeks and how you apply it. The way in which you apply the blush is dictated by your age and face shape. For a more subtle flush of colour apply red blush slightly behind the apple of your cheek and blend it back and upward in soft c shaped motions with your brush. Remember, its all about blending. So blend, blend, blend!

Make your eyes pop with red eyeshadow

Believe it or not, there are already eyeshadows with red undertones. Red-brown eyeshadow makes eyes pop, especially blue and brown eyes, but a pure red shadow will make any eye colour stand out.

If you’re nervous to wear red on your eyes apply a soft wash of colour all over your lids with a fluffy eyeshadow brush as this will sheer the colour out. Start in the centre of your eyelids; blend up and outward toward the crease. For a more intense finish use your finger or dense shadow brush to press the color on your lids.

Red eyeliner

If you’re still a little skeptical about using red eyeshadow, start by using a red eyeliner or mascara as a trial. It will open the eyes and add vibrancy to your overall look.

Try this:

Although red and pink are completely contrasting colours when they are worn together, they create a beautiful modern mix. “It’s about deliberately mismatching your lips, cheeks, and nails,” says world-renowned makeup artist, Bobbi Brown. Wear pink cheeks with bright red lips or pink nail polish with a red lip. It’s all about having fun.


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Francis Ferreira
Francis Ferreira


Francis Ferreira is a professional makeup artist & hair stylist. He studied makeup & hair design at Kohl Makeup Academy. He has always been in love and fascinated with makeup and how it can transform and enhance a face. His passion for beauty and skin care stems from many years of experience working for prestige cosmetic brands MAC & Bobbi Brown. Francis loves sharing the art of makeup with women and show them how they can utilize it to enhance their own beauty.

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