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As a first-year student, one of the biggest challenges is to decide on what to wear to campus… As every student fears to be judged on their outfit. There are many factors that you as a student should take into consideration when deciding your outfit of the day. Let’s dive into them. Back To University Back To Work

The Factors

One of the first and most important factors to keep in mind is that you want to look presentable but at the same time you still want to be comfortable throughout the day.

The second factor to take note of is that you do not want to overdress nor underdress, keep it basic but still trendy. After evaluating your outfit on the above-mentioned factors, it is very important to keep your outfit layer-based. Should the weather change throughout the day it will be easier to adapt your outfit, to have a comfortable experience.

Last but not least, your appearance contributes the most to who you are as a person. Therefore it is key to make your outfit of the day leave an adequate first impression. Back To University Back To Work

Touch of LeopardTouch of Leopard

The first outfit we will speculate is an exceeding trendy look. Every season, either summer or winter, we see the desired, leopard print, on every shelf. Therefore the first outfit will have a paring of leopard print, as this piece of attire will be simple to find in the stores.

Keeping the previous factors in consideration, a long, loose-fit maxi skirt is perfect for class. It is exceptionally comfortable but still looks fashionable to leave that first impression characteristic behind. What would a fashionable ladies outfit be without a dab of black? Black goes with everything! It will leave every outfit looking superior and leaving you comfortable throughout the day. The outfit will be quintessential for every weather type, as the wind can breeze deftly, keeping you refreshed on a blistering day. The slip-on sandals which are paired with this outfit will be comfortable throughout the day, not leaving the voguish outfit looking substandard. Back To University Back To Work

Easy GoingEasy Going

The second ladies outfit that we have is a favoured little black dress, with an exciting twist. Find your preferred black dress and match it with a t-shirt underneath, changing the style completely. Black goes with everything, so you can alter the t-shirt colour depending on what mood you are going for. Complement the trendy outfit with a pair of earrings, sunglasses and superb wedges, leaving you comfortable and confident throughout the day. Back To University Back To Work

Street StyleStreet Style

The last ladies outfit we will be speculating on is a street style based outfit. What makes this outfit street-styled, is the pair of mom jeans. It is an essential piece of attire in every ladies wardrobe. You can transition the outfit with ripped jeans if preferred. Neon and clear backpacks are found in most stores, it will be simple to find a bag to compliment the style of the outfits. White sneakers are the most admired and should be used for this outfit.

Anyone can follow these guidelines and create your own look according to your personalized style. Refer back to this article for those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear, or just want some more inspiration.

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Tana Van Heerden

Fashion Editor

Tana is a goal-driven and energetic young woman who is always seeking for new adventures in work and life. She is currently a 3 rd year student studying Consumer Science, clothing and retail management at the University of Pretoria. Tana introduced the fashion and makeup section at UP newspaper, PDBY, and that is where she developed a passion for articles. She is the social media manager for MUSE, therethrough she saw an opportunity to start her online store, ROPAS_SA. In her free time, she does makeup tutorials on Instagram, follow and write about the latest fashion trends and enjoy the occasional glass of wine with family and friends. Tana believes that you should always empower and inspire the people around you, and what better way than through beauty, seen from the inside as well as outside.

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