Autumn/Winter Beauty Looks Fresh From the Runway

We have all heard about them, we have seen them on TV, some of us have been to them, and they happen every year. You’ve guessed it, fashion shows! Fashion weeks do not only showcase the latest trends in clothing but also the latest in hair and beauty. Trends are born backstage; every year new makeup and hair techniques are utilised backstage to bring the designers’ and artists’ visions to life and most often this is where cosmetic brands introduce their new, up and coming products.

This year’s autumn/winter makeup looks, fresh from the runway, are all about eyes and if you’re looking for something to up your makeup look this season, continue to scroll down. We have every bit of beauty inspiration you could possibly need.

Here are a few of my favourite looks for this season:

1. The Gilded Haze

The classic Smokey eye has turned golden this season. Smokey-gold disco eyes are the perfect eye accessory to wear on your girls night out or for special weekend occasions this winter.

2. The Tawny Flush

Blush is worn on the high planes of your cheekbone this season and the shade is soft enough to be worn to any occasion. Up your makeup game by matching your lips and eyes with the same hue.–bronze-glow/ss16- glow/ss16#/shade/Bronze_Glow

3. Glossy Eyelids

If gold is not your color, why not opt for a beautiful wet look on your eyelids. It’s messy and sticky, sure, but the glass-like effect radiates perfect skin that photoshop can’t even match. Try it, you will be surprised at how you can rock this look.

4. Velvet Eyes

We’ve all sung, “Black velvet and that little boy smile…” but let’s go back to basics. Red velvet eyeshadows on the eyes will make any eye color pop. Another fun look to try for your next party.

5. Crystal Freckles

You’ll never have to worry about covering breakouts with this trend. Use a soft natural eyeshadow shade that will mimic the color of natural freckles and apply it in spot-like motions on areas of your face where freckles usually appear.

6. Enchanted eyes

Remember when I said eyes are big this season? This look makes women look like fairies with high shimmer frosted eye shadows in light shades, applied all over the eyelids.

7. Dewy Skin

Dewy skin is not unfamiliar in the makeup world. This trend has appeared in many seasons over recent years. Gone are the days of matte skin that looks flat. Using skin lustre drops, high shimmer highlighters, and face oils are some of the many ways one can achieve a dewy look.

8. Just kissed lips

Just kissed lips or how I like to call them, stained lips. This trend doesn’t scream lipstick. Instead, it’s a soft wash of color on the lips, almost like you’ve just been kissed. Try a lip gloss or a tinted lip balm for a subtle hint of color.

Winter may be cold this year, but we have no doubt that things will warm up once you have tried these hot trends.

Francis Ferreira


Francis Ferreira is a professional makeup artist & hair stylist. He studied makeup & hair design at Kohl Makeup Academy. He has always been in love and fascinated with makeup and how it can transform and enhance a face. His passion for beauty and skin care stems from many years of experience working for prestige cosmetic brands MAC & Bobbi Brown. Francis loves sharing the art of makeup with women and show them how they can utilize it to enhance their own beauty.

  1. Great tips for trying and d.i.y. I am trying this out for sure. Anything to drive the winter blues away!

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