Armand Aucamp the beautiful soul

Armand Aucamp has stolen our hearts on screen. With roles in Knapse Kêrels, Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling and Krotoa, his acting ability is undeniable. However, there is much more to the man behind than his onscreen charm.

Armand Aucamp
We like his socks too! Photographer: Francois Olivier

Armand Aucamp is the handsome guy with the warm smile and beautiful heart. I learned more about his exceptional lifestyle and the things that make his heart beat.

Choosing to become an actor is a choice to lead an unconventional life. How did you decide to make a career out of acting?

It always sounds like a cliché, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I dreamed of playing in movies and telling stories; help people escape. I think I live in a dream world often and escape sometimes. I think I sometimes forget how unconventional it is because I’ve never done anything else. What I enjoy most is that my time is my own; I have control over my days and what I choose to do. It requires incredible discipline and self-motivation to make it a sustainable career.

You travel frequently because of your work. What is home to you?

I travel a lot and often travel between cities. It’s nice for me now. I own very few things, so it’s easy for me to make these moves. It reached a point where I feel very easily caught by too much stuff, so I keep my possessions minimal. As long as I have a good coffee machine, a few plants, and my paintings, I’m at home.

What is the one thing you always take with you, no matter where you go in the world?

Music. Whether on my phone, computer or iPod, music is always with me.

You were in Beijing recently. How was that experience for you?

China is so different! I have been in South East Asia a lot, but China is an experience. I think the biggest difference is the people – their culture and way of life. It’s all just that different from the West. The Great Wall was the highlight. The impressive structure, which extends 3000 km over mountains and valleys, slowed my breath.

You are also happy to travel for pleasure …

Yes, a lot! I want to see and experience the world! Never in our history was travel so cheap, so easy and so accessible. I am fascinated by architecture, language, food, culture, and nature.

What is your favorite destination in the world?

Iceland. I’ve never been there, but something calls me there and I’m going to go. A place where I was already and one of my favorite places on earth are Holland. There is something so familiar and comfortable about it, yet it is also different and strange. I love the place.

Will you ever consider staying anywhere else in South Africa?

Yes. Holland. I would love to stay in Amsterdam. Give me a job and I’m there. Seriously, if anybody has connections…

Do you have a motto according to which you live?

Follow your gut. Always! Your mind will f * ck you.

What’s the best part of not having a 9-5 job?

Your time is your own. You can decide how and what your day will be.

What’s the worst part of not having a 9-5 job?

The uncertainty. I often talk about how you can not really enjoy your ‘off’ time because you are already thinking about where the next project will come from. I’ve been much better about it. You must make a conscious decision and accept things as it is. I work hard, I can relax too.

Your schedule is incredibly full, how do you find a balance between work and personal time?

You must consciously decide when the time is needed to relax. We are not workers who are made to work constantly. Yes, work is stimulating and necessary, but it should not dominate your life. I will sometimes abandon a project if I do not believe 100% in it and then I take that time to tackle other personal projects.

What is the best way to relax and keep your inner peace?

To travel or leave. I think I need to be taken from my area before I really give myself permission to fully relax. If I’m at home and have a few days, I’d like to read, play the piano or walk along the beach.

What is unacceptable to you in life?

I can handle quite a lot, but people who do not care for others frustrates me. Love or opportunity or happiness.

Acting is very human, vulnerable work. What is the biggest challenge with opening your heart to the camera?

Not to care what anyone thinks, because then you should be willing to be judged because you show your honest self… It’s so hard, but it’s the only way, to be honest, and vulnerable.

How do you select the roles you would like to interpret?

The character must be written in full. He must have a real progression. Actual fears and goals, or the project, should be a genre or story that I would like to work and be challenging.

With which of your character so far, do you identify the most?

Tom Niemand. He asked questions that were my own questions. He had the ability to turn a mirror towards you and force yourself to look inside. I think I became a bit like Tom, and I made him a little bit like Armand.

Do you have a dream role you would like to play?

No, not really. I would love to play someone who really existed. I played Jan van Riebeeck, but I think someone who is more contemporary. I want to learn their mannerisms and speech – as they talk and walk. That will be a wonderful challenge.

Which actors do you regard as role models?

Daniel Day-Lewis, Cate Blanchette, and Jake Gyllenhaal. They are currently actors who make the most interesting choices with regard to the roles they choose. It is always unexpected but totally credible.

Do you see yourself as a role model?

I think I might have said ‘no’ earlier because of the inborn tendency to stay humble at all costs, but I think you’re doing an injustice to never celebrate yourself and your achievements. If so, I think I am. I’m glad I am. Every person belongs to someone, a brother, parent, sister, friend or even a stranger. To be a role model is in how you treat and respect other people. As I dreamed about becoming an actor, I know there are other people out there who dream that dream too and maybe I’m an inspiration to them. I hope that motivates them.

You are very keen on your health and have your own cookbook.

I am especially interested in food. I am very passionate about it and because of all the research, reading and listening, I have been a “banter” for more than 4 years. The Banting and Ketogenic Diet has become an absolute way of living and I enjoy the benefits every day. It has resulted in a cookbook in which I share 100 banting and ketos recipes.

What exercise do you enjoy the most?

I love HIIT. High-Intensity Interval Training. It’s short and powerful and extremely effective.

What other dreams do you have, except for your cookbook and acting career?

I would like to learn languages. I can speak French and a little German, but I want to speak at least 3 more fluent. I would also like to write a movie and direct it.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

That it’s okay to make mistakes. The most important thing is how to fix it. That’s what matters. (Thanks Dad! X)

Written by Elanie Rupping
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