Are You Still Dreading Those Locks?

A lot of women won’t even consider getting dreadlocks because they believe that they are so permanent. And if they should decide to change their hairstyles from dreadlocks, they would have no choice but to have the ‘Big Chop’! This is so not true. To those of you beautiful ladies that are dreading those locks, thinking they cannot be undone, worry not! They actually can be. The dreadlocks are soaked in a dread removal cream and then combed out.

The downside is that this process may take up to two to three hours but you will get to keep your hair. You also lose some hair while combing your dreadlocks out but this is unavoidable as it’s the hair that would have fallen out in the normal day to day hair cycle. The only reason it hasn’t fallen off is because you had dreadlocks and dreadlocks keep the hair all knotted together.

Dreadlocks come in several different types but the two most common are the free form as well as the cultivated form.

Free-form dreadlocks grow naturally without you having to manipulate them in any way. To create the free form dreadlocks, after one washes one’s hair, the hair is towel dried in a circular manner, then separate the hair clusters according to the size dreadlocks that one wants. All of this is done without the use of a comb. In time, the hair will form into dreadlocks.

The Cultivated dreadlocks require one to separate sections of one’s hair and then twist them into the style one wants.

Dreadlocks do not require as much work as normal hair but there are a few things you should do to keep your dreads looking and smelling good:

  1. Proper shampooing of your dreadlocks: Dreadlocks need to be shampooed at least once a week with a dreadlock residue-free shampoo. It is important to use a shampoo that leaves no residues behind in your hair and removes residues that are in your hair. The reason for this is because dreadlocks like to hold things. When you have normal hair the residue is removed easily with a wash and just merely get washed out but with dreadlocks, the hair isn’t free to let residue wash out. So residue builds up, and after a while, it may cause the dreadlocks to mould. Also, invest in a great dreadlock wax for your dreadlock maintenance and to keep your roots well moisturized.
  2. Re-twist: Part of dreadlocks maintenance is re-twisting your hair periodically to keep the locks tight. It’s vital to ensure that dreadlocks are not twisted too often and too tight as this can damage your hair. Re-twisting can happen every four weeks.
  3. Style away!!!

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Lerato Moyo
Lerato Moyo

Hair Editor

Lerato Moyo is a wife and mom of four with a financial and marketing qualification and corporate background. She is also an Image Consultant and the Founder of Ithate Image Consulting. Lerato was a Mrs South Africa Finalist in 2017, and is currently a Follicle Inc. Brand Ambassador. Her passion is coaching women through the journey of loving themselves, uncovering and maintaining their new confidence and empowered version.

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