Aphrodisiacs: It’s Real and It’s Really Good!

So, we spoke about the liquid goods that set the mood and I figured why not talk about the solids? Many know the word but not many know what it means: Aphrodisiacs. It’s real! To me, it sounded like an after-sun product at first, to be honest. Then I did my research and boy oh boy, food can be good in so many unidentified ways.

Fun fact: the word Aphrodisiac is named after Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and beauty.

What are they?

They are foods that, paired with the right setting, spike up your hormone levels and increases your sexual desires. They come in meat, plant and even spice form. Both males and females can benefit from the use of aphrodisiacs, but they are more focused on males as their properties aim to increase testosterone levels rather than estrogen levels.

What are the most known Aphrodisiacs?

Chocolate: Know for its soft satin texture, chocolate also contains the chemicals anandamide and phenylethylamine, which boost serotonin levels. Though not the most effective, it definitely helps set the mood.

Oysters: Not many people prefer the taste or texture, but this one right here is known to be the best aphrodisiac. While being high in zinc, which boosts semen production, the suggestive way in which it is eaten is what really gets the temperature rising.

Rocket: Discovered by ancient Romans and used in love potions, this is the kind of leaf you want in your salad. The fact that it is packed with nutrients and eaten fresh, helps you to feel good and fresh. Exactly what you should feel before a good time.

Pomegranate: This is not only a very appealing fruit, it is also packed with anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are known to increase blood flow, making the genital area feel slightly more sensitive.

Celery: Definitely not one of the tastiest ways to get it on but it is known for its testosterone-like content called Phyto-androgens. This causes a spike in female libido levels.

Chillies: It heats up more than just your mouth. While hot food leaves you feeling a little sweaty and heated up, it also gets your heart racing and stimulates nerve endings which increases sexual desire. (Please try it responsibly)

Watermelon: A very wet, juicy and appealing fruit, Watermelon is a rich source of the non-essential amino acid, citrulline. Citrulline relaxes and dilates blood vessels much like Viagra.

Remember that every person experiences arousal differently. Though most of the above-mentioned foods are known as some of the main contributing factors to very steamy nights! Try it out and let me know? Your feedback motivates me 🙂

Food, anyone?


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Christelle du Plessis
Christelle du Plessis

Sex Editor

Christelle du Plessis is an aspiring motivational speaker, certified life coach and the fiance of a real rockstar. Her passion is working with women while creating a space for them where they feel safe to express their themselves and where they will become equipped to change the circumstances they are in. Christelle is a social butterfly, she is loud, busy and bubbly and she would like to think of herself as a very strong-minded and determined young woman. Instead of changing the world, she wants to teach people to do it themselves.

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